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CyclePump® EXPEDITION Tire Inflator
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Here at BestRest we’ve made a lifetime commitment toward getting you back on the trail as quickly as possible after you get a flat tire.  That’s what makes a CyclePump a CyclePump.  US Patent D800,788.

July 18 2017:  Motorcycle Consumer News awarded the CyclePump their “Top Choice Award” in a shoot-out with 6 other tire inflators.  Click here to read their report.

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Plainly stated, there’s no better motorcycle tire inflator available anywhere, at any price. For over 15 years the CyclePump has held the reputation for being the best on the street or on the trail. Our LIFETIME warranty confirms that fact. Since 2002 we’ve built over 30,000 of them here in Seattle, and we’ve shipped them around the world. 


The CyclePump provides you with an EASY way to fill a flat tire or adjust tire pressure on the road, without resorting to inefficient CO2 cartridges, a frustratingly slow hand pump, or an imported tire inflator of questionable quality.

If you’re looking for a CHEAP tire inflator then you’ll want to shop somewhere else. There’s plenty of other inflators on the market for riders who value a lower price, over the virtues of quality and reliability. Good luck, we’ll see you on the trail.  We’ll fill your tire for you.

At BestRest we don’t sell the cheapest tire inflator, we sell the BEST. When you invest in a CyclePump you’re getting the BEST motorcycle tire inflator on the market. Period. End of discussion. You’ll pay more, but you’ll get more.

khardungla-pass-18300-2Shawn Edmondson used his CyclePump on Khardungla Pass, India. Elevation 18,500 feet. Shawn wrote: “We really couldn’t have thrown more challenging conditions at this pump: elevation, heat, cold, super fine dust, incessant banging and rattling. Nothing can kill the CyclePump”.  At left fellow rider Dan Galliher has a bit of fun with Shawn’s CyclePump, hoping for a bit more oxygen.

The CyclePump is the Gold Standard, against which all other motorcycle inflators are measured. As we said above, if you want a CHEAP tire inflator, shop elsewhere. If you want the BEST tire inflator, spend a few minutes and read more.

The CyclePump uses a powerful 12 volt electric motor and a high quality metal compressor assembly that’s been specially engineered for motorcycle applications. To run the CyclePump simply connect it to any 12 volt power source (like your bike’s electrical accessory socket or the terminals of your battery). Attach the air hose to the tire, flip the switch, and begin filling your tire. Inflation time is typically less than 3 minutes for a front tire; less than 5 minutes for a rear tire.

The CyclePump is proudly made in the USA. The case is precision crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloys. We don’t use fragile plastic components that will break when you drop it on the ground. The switch and internal components are armored and “ruggedized” so the unit is virtually indestructible. The CyclePump is truly ready for an around-the-world expedition, which is why it’s the inflator of choice for serious riders.

Here’s a short video showing the story behind the CyclePump:  I Love Air – The CyclePump Story

Your adventures might not take you ’round-the-world, but don’t you want equipment that’s built to a standard that would? Don’t settle for something less. Don’t be lured by a cheap inflator that will fail you when you need it most. Invest in quality. Invest in reliability. Invest in longevity.

Inflation Time: Tire inflation time varies by tire size, air density, voltage, laden or unladen tire load, and other factors. As a practical guide the CyclePump will fill a front tire in 2-3 minutes and a rear tire in 3-5 minutes. Topping off a few extra pounds takes less than a minute. Just how powerful is it? Don’t worry, it’ll fill your tires quickly because it’s rated to pressures over 100 PSI. It’ll also seat a bead on a tubeless tire, once the initial airtight seal is achieved.

Technical specs:
The aluminum case is less than 2″ high x 4″ wide x 6″ long.
CyclePump in the storage pouch (with power wires) the dimensions are 2 x 7 x 10″.
Weight is 34 ounces.
Power draw is approximately 10 amps.  Amperage increases as pressure builds.
Air hose is 18″ long.
Power cord is 8-feet long.
The power plugs fit BMW, cigarette, and 2-prong SAE connectors.
Battery alligator clips attach to any 12 volt battery.
You can order an optional 8-foot AutoCord for automotive applications.

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