This kit contains 2 valve stem caps, and two valve stem cores.
Valve caps: These are metal caps with a rubber sealing ring inside the cap.  When screwed tight to the end of the valve stem they provide an airtight seal and prevent pressure loss thru the valve stem.  The ends of the caps have two nubs that fit inside the valve stem and tighten (or loosen) the valve cores.
Valve stem cores:  These are the “cores” that fit within each valve stem and keep the air where it belong.  These cores have a high-temp rating which is ideal for motorcycle applications.

It’s always a good idea to have a couple extra caps and cores in your toolkit.  We learned that lesson the hard way… we were changing tires in the field and a valve core popped out.  We dug around in the dirt, no luck.  Fortunately we had a couple spares.

Two cores and 2 caps come with each order of this product.  In other words, you get 2 of them just like the ones you see in the photo.  They fit both tubed and tubeless tires.