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BestRest Products Northwest Passage Adventure Route is an
off-road dual-sport motorcycle route that runs from the Puget Sound area of
Washington, eastward to Stevens Pass, then north to the eastern side of the
Pasayten Wilderness. It then goes eastward along the Canadian border, entering into
Idaho around Priest Lake, then eastward into northwestern Montana, where it finally
connect with the northern terminus of the Continental Divide Route. The NWP is
normally ridden as loop, starting in the Seattle area and returning to the
Seattle area, but it can also be a one-way trail depending on your travel plans. 

Riding time is 6 days, which includes the return trip to the Puget Sound area.  If you’re going to the north end of the CDR in Montana it will take you 6 days from Seattle.  Do you want to ride the NWP in reverse, going west-to-east?  No problem, just work the daily itineraries backwards.

Overall mileage varies
depending on the alternates you select. 
The traditional route runs 607 miles from BestRest World Headquarters north of Seattle area, to the
eastern side of Priest Lake, ID. If you continue eastward to the Montana CDR north terminus add another 211 miles. 
70-80 % of the route is gravel or dirt. 
There are paved sections along the way, but we avoided it when
possible.  Dirt is more fun.

The NWP is an Intermediate
off road route.  It can be
ridden on large displacement dual purpose motorcycles such as a BMW R1200GS,
KTM 1190, Suzuki V-strom, etc.  It can also be ridden on smaller trail bikes like a KTM 450, Honda XR650, etc.  Its not a route for the novice off road rider, but you really dont need to be an expert,
either.  You should be comfortable with
riding on gravel and dirt, with ruts and rocks, and be capable of riding
comfortably on steep uphills and downhills while the bike is fully loaded
with gear.  This route is NOT intended to
challenge the upper limits of your riding abilities, or cause you to fall, or
cause damage to your motorcycle although most riders have a minor tumble at least
once during the week.  This route has some challenges, but they are reasonable and prudent.

You can ride the NWP as soon as the snow clears from the
high mountain passes – when that actually
happens varies from year to year.  Sometimes
you can ride the NWP in late June, but usually its after the 4th of
 July that all the roads and trails are open.  If you
go too early you can expect to encounter downed trees, snowbanks, and other obstacles.  If you wait a few weeks longer you’ll find that
4-wheelers have kindly cut all the trees out of your way.  You can ride it as late as October depending on when the snow starts in the high country.

The NWP is not a rebranding of the excellent north-to-south
Washington Back Country Discovery Route
 (the WABDR).  Instead, the
NWP runs west-to-east and it covers 3 states. The two routes happen
to share a few miles of trail around Lake Chelan, but they are two distinct routes.  We encourage you to ride both of them.  The WABDR is heavily travelled during the summer (because it’s been discovered) but the NWP
remains largely unknown.  In the 4 years
weve run the NWP weve never seen another motorcycle and weve only seen a
few jeeps on the high trails. (We typically start the NWP the day after Labor Day, so most folks are back at work or in school.) 

Mr. BestRest compiled this Route from various rides hes
done over the past two decades.  In 2012
the Route was finalized and officially designated as the Northwest Passage
(NWP) Adventure Route. BestRest Products has sponsored an NWP Expedition for the past 4 years
(2012-13-14-15) and we plan to do it again in 2016.  You don’t have to wait for us – you can do it yourself with the information we’re giving you on this webpage.

We’ve post daily itineraries, screenshots of tracks, and GPS files you can load into your own computer and transfer to your GPS.  BestRest provides this information FREE OF CHARGE.  We want you to have as much fun riding the NWP as we have over the years.  If you happen to buy some of our BestRest gear, that’s great.  If not that’s OK too, because we didn’t create this Route for the money.

After you download the 3-part PDF file we suggest you set your printer so it prints on both sides of the page. We set the document so the itinerary for each day is on one sheet, front and back.  

After you download the GPS tracks and PDF files we recommend you save them on your computer, in a special file called “The NorthWest Passage”. Then you can go in with your BaseCamp or MapSource program and download them to your GPS unit as “TRACKS” (not routes).  See the PDF file for comments regarding converting tracks to routes, etc.

These downloads are FREE, however we ask that you create a customer account on our website, add the two items to your shopping cart, and go through the checkout process as though you were actually placing an order.  You won’t be charged a penny.  This checkout process helps us keep track of the number of downloads and it also allows us to contact you when we update itineraries or make changes to the GPS tracks, etc. 

Special thanks to Steve Irby, who compiled the
various GPS tracks and helped me write the daily itineraries. Steve and I have been riding buddies for years and we’ve shared a lot of time on the trail, including the Continental Divide Ride and other 2-wheeled adventures.

We’ll see you on the NorthWest Passage!

David Petersen
Mr. BestRest  

The NorthWest Passage Video Now Available

This 1-hour video features a portly Mr. BestRest as he talks you through the NorthWest Passage daily itineraries.  It also contains video highlights so you can see what you’ll encounter during your NWP adventure.

BestRest Products Northwest Passage Adventure Route from Shawn Edmondson on Vimeo.