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TireIron BeadBrakR®   (also called the TIBB)

This kit gives you everything you need to change your own tires, or to remove the tire from the rim so you can fix a flat.  Works in the shop, the garage, or on top of a mountain.








The BestRest TireIron BeadBrakR (TIBB) is a levering device that incorporates a trio of tire irons into the mechanism used to remove the rubber tire from the metal rim. When the bead is free from the rim, use those same tire irons to remove the tire from the rim. What could be more simple, more efficient, more utilitarian? 

The TireIron BeadBrakR was invented here in the USA, it’s made here in the USA, but it’s used around the world!  Patent 7,631,681

To see it in use visit our YouTube channel: BeadBrakR on YouTube

Every rider’s kit should include a variety of tire repair products, including tire irons, a tire inflator, AND a bead breaker. Why a bead breaker? When repairs require removal of the tire from the rim, or if you need to change your tires, you’ll need special tools. That’s because the rubber tire sidewall is actually glued to the rim, and the bead is held in place by the natural outward flex of the tire carcass. Breaking this chemical and mechanical bond is called “breaking the bead”. Unless you can do this with the tools you’re carrying, you might not be able to fix your tire. Plain translation: you’re in for a long walk home.


Jim Decker used the BeadBrakR to make repairs on a rear tire while riding the mountains in central Washington, 35 miles from the nearest city.  In a few minutes Jim and his group were back on the trail.

Fritz Junker wrote this:  “The BeadBrakR is freaking awesome.  It’s an invaluable tool, works great, packs light, super easy to assemble and use. The 3 tire irons assemble into the mechanism, and it comes with everything you need to pull and replace a tire and tube.  Add a patch kit and a compact pump, and you are set.”  See his post here:  Fritz Junker Reports

Paul Dickson wrote, “Got my new BeadBrakR and put it to use today. It works exactly as described and helped me change two Dunlop 606’s on my KLR. Before I had this tool I had a heck of a time breaking the bead on those tires.  It’s a great feeling knowing I’ll be able to do it on the road. The valve tool is incredibly useful as well – instead of spending 15 minutes trying to thread the valve stem through the hole in the rim, I can do it in seconds. Really great tool and works as described, well worth the money.”

Urban Myth – Use the sidestand?  One old bead breaking trick was to use the side stand from a buddys bike. Theyd extend their sidestand, tip their bike onto the flat tire (which was lying on the ground) and their sidestand would compress the tire sidewall and hopefully break the bead. Unfortunately this led to bent side stands, or it didnt always work, and if you were riding alone and there was no one to help you were in trouble? Again, start walking. And with tubeless tires it’s sometimes impossible to break a bead with the sidestand, especially if you’re by yourself.

Thats why riders have carried a variety of “Rube Goldberg” bead breaking devices. They included large C-clamps, or specially modified oversized pliers, or wedges, or hammers, or heavy steel jaws, or screw jacks, and a myriad other devices which were OK for garage work, but most were way too big or too heavy to take on the road. In addition to these tools, the rider still had to carry a full set of tire irons to remove the tire once the bead was free.

We asked ourselves, “Why not combine bead breaking components into one unit? Why not make the tire irons part of the bead breaking device itself? Why not make a compact, collapsible, purpose-built device thats designed for the solo adventure rider?” So we went to the drawing board and made a better mouse trap! The design had to be small, lightweight, sturdy, multi-functional, and it had to be something you could easily carry on your bike. It took almost two years before we came up with the answer…

Compact, lightweight, and easy to assemble using quick release ring pins, the entire kit fits in your hand and rolls up nicely in the storage pouch.  Overall size of the BeadBrakR kit with all the accessories is 2” thick x 5.5” wide x 12” long. Total weight is 3.1 pounds, for the kit with steel tire irons. 

To understand how it works, the left tire iron fits vertically upward through the spokes. The tire rests on the lower horizontal tire iron, with the hub to the left. The line drawing at right shows the cross section of the tire. Scroll down to see step-by-step photos of the BeadBrakR in action.

NOTE:  these photos show an earlier version of the BeadBrakR.  The wooden blocks shown in the photos have been discontinued.  Instead, protective rubber channels fit onto the Corner piece.  The “Sand Foot” has been eliminated entirely (we discovered it really wasn’t needed).

Brilliantly simple but amazingly effective, downward force at the end of the lever forces the plunger onto the tire sidewall, breaking the bead. (Note – the term “breaking the bead” does not imply that the tire sidewall is damaged, this is just a common industry term.)

The BeadBrakR can be used anytime, ANYWHERE to change a tire, fix a flat, or perform other tire repairs. Here’s a photo of Bruce McKelvey, who was mounting fresh tires in Copper Creek, Alaska, on his way to the Arctic Circle. The front porch of his cabin provided a handy work bench. Photo by Bill Thrush. 

Because we know the BeadBrakR will see some pretty rough conditions around the world we selected materials thatll stand up to the elements: The 8.5” long tire irons are gold zinc plated to prevent corrosion.Other components are rustproof 17-7 and 304 stainless steel, precision laser cut and formed and TIG welded for maximum strength. The 17-7 alloy were using also makes aircraft cockpit doors bulletproof.

We include a comprehensive instruction sheet which also includes tire mounting and demounting tips. We also added a bottle of specially formulated BeadGoop tire mounting lubricant, a valve stem multi-tool, and a Cordura storage pouch that’s big enough for your own collection of tire patches & plugs.  

We no longer include plastic rim protectors with the kit.  From customer feedback we learned that they were seldom used.  So if you want to keep your rims perfectly scratch-free, order a set of them separately. 

We’ve tested the BeadBrakR on big bore KTM, BMW, Triumph and other brands of motorcycle tires and it works like a champ. 

Some might say this is an expensive tool, but when you consider the costs of a trio of tire irons, rim protectors, valve stem tool, tire lube, and a bead breaker of some sort, the BeadBrakR is a bargain.

To see how it works, watch these videos:  Video 1  Video 2

For a FULL series of photos and tire changing tips, click here


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