In March ’13 we began phasing out the old-style, smaller brass air chucks, in favor of a larger and more robust design.  This new design gives you an easier grip on the chuck, and makes it easier to get a good airtight seal between the tire valve stem and the CyclePump.

If you have a CyclePump or EZAir Gauge with the older style small air chuck, you can easily upgrade to this new design.  It takes only a couple minutes.  Here’s how:

  1. You’ll need to cut the old chuck from the air hose.
  2. Using sharp scissors, cut the air hose 1″ from the brass chuck.
  3. Slide the crimping ring onto the airhose.
  4. Wet the barb of the new air chuck so it will slip into the hose.
  5. Press the barb into the hose until it’s tight against the chuck.
  6. Slip the crimping ring up against the chuck.
  7. Use a pair of side dykes to crimp the ring in place.
  8. Viola!  The new air chuck is ready to go.