Motorcycle Recovery System

Motorcycle Recovery System  (or) “MRS”

What’s “Recovery Gear“?  It’s the gear you’ll need when things go a bit… sideways.  Your bike’s off the road or trail, or it’s lying on the ground, or it’s stuck in a bog.  You’re not going anywhere until you get it back where it belongs. 

What’s the MRS?   It’s the Motorcycle Recovery System.  This product was originally developed by our friends at Puget Sound Safety; in April 2014 BestRest bought the manufacturing rights and now we’re the OEM manufacturer/distributor.

Don’t be fooled by other towing kits or lifting systems that employ simple straps or a series of ratchets… BestRest’s MRS uses life/safety grade mountain climbing components to lift, or pull your motorcycle.  Because we use these components, you’re gonna pay more.  Simply stated, there isn’t a better recovery system on the market.  Take that to the bank.

For a video showing the MRS in action (RECOVERY) click here:

For a video showing the MRS in action (TOWING) click here:

Ride a motorcycle long enough and eventually you’ll find yourself in a situation that didn’t turn out quite like you expected.  We refer to those episodes as “unfortunate incidents”. The bike’s stuck in the muck or its lying on the side.  Perhaps you’re stalled on a steep hill, or the bike’s over the edge of an embankment.  Bummer.  Been there, done that.  Literally. The lower left photo shows my bike in a mud hole… the water is a bone- chilling 35 degrees.  The bike’s resting on top of the last Jeep that tried to pass this way. We hooked up the MRS and hauled the bike back to dry land.  We left the Jeep where it was.  The lower right photo shows my buddy RJ and another rider who hauled his big-pig GS up a steep hill.  

Below are some other examples of the MRS in use.  Photos courtesy of Puget Sound Safety.



When an “incident” occurred there were only two Options:

Option A.) Brute force – lifting or pushing the bike.  Sorry, but we’re getting too old for this option.  The bike seems to be get heavier every year…

Option B.) Call a tow truck.  Good luck getting a cell phone signal.  And if you’re able to make the call, plan on spending lots of $$$.  We know about motorcycle recoveries that cost the rider more than a Grand.  Ouch.

Now you have Option C: the MRS.  Think of it as your very own on-board tow truck or lifting crane.  It goes everywhere you go.  Pull it out, set it up, and in a few minutes you’re back on the road. 

With the MRS you can get your bike out of that sandpit, out of that sinkhole, out of that ditch, up that hill, and back on the road or trail.  Here’s the good news – you can do it all by yourself.   Sure, having some friends along would be nice, but sometimes they’re not there when you need them, so you’re on your own. Help is a long and lonely walk, just 12 miles thatta away.  Walking sucks.

A note from Mr. BestRest:  I ride solo quite a bit and I’ve been known to ride places where I shouldn’t have ridden alone, but I it did anyway.  Had I fallen it would’ve been impossible for me to get the bike upright or get it back on the trail.  The MRS gives me a peace of mind that actually improves my riding focus.  I’m not worried what I’ll to do if the bike goes down because now I can recover the bike myself.  An off-road riding instructor once told me, “Remain confident when you ride and don’t worry falling.  Worry makes you timid, timidity results in errors, errors result in falls.”  He was absolutely right. 


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