Sorry but CyclePump Combos that include 90-degree air chucks are temporarily out of stock due to parts shortages.
You can still order Combos with straight air chucks. 

We’ve combined our 2 most popular products into one convenient kit called the “CyclePump EXPEDITION Combo Package”.

The Combo includes 1-CyclePump EXPEDITION and 1- EZAir gauge.  The CyclePump comes with a red Cordura storage pouch, the EZAir comes with a black vinyl storage pouch.

Select the style of air chuck you want on each item (straight chuck or 90-degree chuck).  You have 4 options:

1.  Straight Chuck on the CyclePump / Straight Chuck on the EZair Gauge, or
2.  Straight Chuck on the CyclePump / 90-degree Chuck on the EZAir Gauge CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK, or
3.  90-Degree Chuck on the CyclePump / Straight Chuck on the EZAir Gauge, CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK or
4.  90-Degree Chuck on the CyclePump / 90-Degree Chuck on the EZAir Gauge CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK.

If you have a newer model BMW 1200 GS we recommend Option 2 (straight chuck on the pump, 90-chuck on the gauge)

The CyclePump is covered by US Patent D800,788 and comes with a LIFETIME Warranty.  Cyclepump-Lifetime-Warranty-PDF  

For inflation time and technical specs visit the main CyclePump product page CLICK HERE
August 2017 -Motorcycle Consumer News tested the CyclePump against 6 other tire inflators.
The CyclePump WON their Top Choice Award.

1. A STRAIGHT air chuck is for for bikes where clearance between valve stem and hub or brake rotors is not an issue.  You’d need about 4.5″ clearance between stem and hub.

2. A RIGHT ANGLE air chuck is for bikes with limited clearance between valve stem and hub or brake rotors.  The right angle design means the air hose comes off at a 90 angle, and passes below the brake rotors. The right angle chuck requires only 1.8″ between the end of the tire valve stem and the hub.

If you ride a late model BMW R12GS, you should order the right angle air chuck version.  It will fit between the valve stem and the wheel hub.  The straight chuck won’t.

If you ride a BMW K1600 there’s a problem with the location of the valve stem on the rim – there’s not enough clearance for either a straight chuck OR a right angle chuck.  Some models have the stem off-center in the cast wheel “spoke” opening.  No solution other than have that valve stem replaced with a 90-degree stem.

The dial face of the gauge will display pressure both 0-100 PSI and 0-7 BAR.  (plastic lens cover removed for this photo)
Both styles of air chucks have a quick-release locking design.  Press the lever, push the chuck firmly onto the tire valve stem, release the lever, and the air chuck locks in place onto the threads of the valve stem.  When you’re done inflating simply press the lever and the chuck pops off the valve stem without losing any air.

Finally, a comment about the BMW CANbus system: BMW limits amperage on their accessory ports. The CyclePump needs 10 amps, BMW only gives you 5.  Do the math.  Y
ou’ll need to bypass the BMW CANbus system and get power directly from the battery.  Modify the battery alligator clips that come with the CyclePump by replacing the alligator clips with ring terminals, and connect them to the battery terminals – now you have a handy SAE pigtail where you can plug in your CyclePump.