At the Cascade Country Rendezvous and Adventure Rally (July 18-21, 2019), one of our seminars was “Cooking On The Trail”.

The Washington State BMW Riders assembled this cookbook from recipes developed by Club Member Don Chase; this is how he cooks when he’s camping on the bike.

Recipes involve a few simple ingredients you bring from home, plus a few others you buy on the road.  Each recipe tells you whether it’s suitable for cooking with a JetBoil stove, or whether you should use a camp stove.

The PDF file is set up for booklet printing, yielding two copies (top and bottom half).  Set your printer to print on both sides, with the pages in landscape format, and set to flip the pages on the short edge.  You’ll need 4 pages in the printer.  

Cooking On The Trail – From the Washington State BMW Riders