BestRest BeadSpreader (TM)

Got tubed tires? Then you know how difficult it is to fit a tube and get that valve stem thru the hole in the rim. Grrrr…$#@*…ouch!

This YouTube video explains the process and shows you how to use it: BestRest BeadSpreader

The tool spreads the tire sidewalls WIDE OPEN so you can easily install (or remove) an inner tube or rimlock when the tire is half-mounted. This photo shows how we opened up a tire that was originally less than 2″ wide, to 3-1/2″ wide. When the tire’s mounted on the rim you’ll still have plenty of room to work inside the tire and fit the stem thru the rim.

Problem 1: If your bike has tubed tires and you’re ever tried to fit a valve stem thru the hole in the rim, then you know what a hassle this can be… there’s simply not enough room inside the tire for your hands and the tube. You end up skinning your knuckles as you fight the tire so you can fit the stem into the hole. This process is especially difficult with narrow trail bike rims and tires.

Problem 2: If your bike has a rimlock, there’s simply no room to fit it inside the tire after it’s half-mounted, so you had to install it on the rim before you mounted the tire, then work the tire over the top of the rimlock. It’s a real hassle.

The BestRest BeadSpreader solves both these problems. It spreads the sidewalls wide enough you’ll have room to work inside the tire with your hands, easily fitting the valve stem or rimlock thru the holes in the rim. Watch our YouTube video and see how it works on all sizes of tubed tires, including bikes with narrow rims.

To use the BeadSpreader you’ll need one of our patented tire irons (the same ones we supply with the BestRest BeadBrakR®). If you already have those irons then you’re good. If you don’t you can order the irons with the BeadSpreader.

Here’s how the BeadSpreader system works (rim not shown for clarity):

Spreading the sidewalls with the BeadSpreader DOESN’T damage the sidewalls or tire bead, anymore than spooning a tire on-or-off the rim does.

The BestRest BeadSpreader is Patent Pending #29/564,087. The BestRest BeadBrakR Tire Iron is Patented #7,631,681.

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