This kit contains 2 Forksaver sleeves that fit upside-down forks measuring 49-50 mm (upper tube dimension).  Overall length of the sleeves is 36.5 cm.

One Forksaver sleeve has an elastic band that gathers the nylon sleeve and prevents contact with the brake rotor.  Make sure you install that sleeve on the proper fork.

To install, remove the forks, slip the sleeve onto the upper tube so the silicone band is about 3/4″ above the swollen area where the fork seal is located.  Then pull the nylon sleeve down, over the slider.  Finally, slip the O-ring down from the top and use it to secure the end nearest the axle.  Reinstall the fork, tighten everything, and check for proper clearance.

Select your preferred color (Black, Black, Black, or Black).  In other words, this size only comes in Black