NorthWest Passage (NWP) Itinerary and Maps
UPDATED February 23, 2017
We’ve updated the NWP itineraries and maps…  This new version takes into account various road closures and other changes we discovered in September 2016, which is when we last rode the NWP.   2017 may bring new closures or restrictions so check with the forest service prior to your ride.  If we learn of some new issue on the trail we’ll try to post it here on the website.
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Click the link to download the PDF file.  NWP Itinerary And Maps Feb 2017

Clicking the link that will open up our DropBox page.  At the upper right click of your screen click the download button and save it on your computer or smart phone. This is a big file so give it a minute to load.  Print out the daily itineraries and the screen-shot maps.  Set your printer to 2-sided printing.  

After downloading, set your printer to COLOR 2-sided printing and you’ll get a front-and-back document. Each day’s itinerary will be on 1 sheet (front and back). This format makes it easy to keep track of your progress.
Watch the video to see what you can expect on the trail.
P.S.  Don’t forget to download GPS tracks.
Have fun on your ride! 
– Mr. BestRest