One of the things we’ve always liked about our CyclePump, is the solid brass locking air-chuck. It’s one of the easiest and most secure air-chucks on the market. This is just one more reason why the CyclePump excels in its design and function.

However, some folks report a difficult time getting a good airtight connection between the chuck and the valve stem. This is caused because the air hose is coming in from an odd angle, usually due to large brake rotors and/or spokes and/or panniers getting in the way. The hose gets kinked or slightly off-center, and the air chuck can’t make a good airtight seal.

Or, on some bikes, there’s just not enough room between the valve stem and the hub for an air chuck and hose to fit.

We solved that problem by providing a simple screw-on style 90-degree valve stem extension. (below)

90 Valve Stem - screw on


To operate:
1.  Remove valve cap from tire stem
2.  Thread on the 90-degree stem (working quickly to prevent air loss)
3.  Attach a CyclePump to the end of the stem
4.  Inflate to desired pressure
5.  Unscrew the 90-degree stem (working quickly to prevent air loss)
6.  Replace the valve cap on the tire stem

*Note: These extensions are only meant to be used while inflating the tire, they should not remain on the tire during operation of the motorcycle. If you leave the extension on the tire it will cause an unbalanced condition, or it may damage the valve stem, which may cause sudden loss of tire pressure!