The CyclePump EXPEDITION Upgrade Kit will retrofit CyclePump Adventure Model Inflators that have fold-down legs and riveted lids.  (Look to see if your CyclePump has those two features)

It will not fit CyclePumps that have lids attached by screws, or CyclePumps that have a case with a large notch on the side for the switch.
To install this kit you’ll need these items:
  • Flat file suitable for filing aluminum
  • Tube of superglue (preferred) or rubber cement
You’ll do the work yourself.  First, clean the outside of the aluminum case with a damp rag and an alcohol swab to remove any traces of dirt and grease.  Then follow these steps:
  1. Fold down the legs so they’re pointing straight down

  2. Bend the legs back and forth until they fracture and can be removed
  3. File the sharp corners and other bits that stick out beyond the sides of the case. Do not file the rivet heads or the large tab of aluminum that’s under the rivets.  (look inside the rubber caps and you’ll see that we left a space for the tab and rivet head)
  4. Fit a rubber cap over the end without the hose and press it onto the case. There’s an “up-and-a-down” on the caps.  You’ll figure it out.

  5. Snake the power cord and air hose thru the hole on the other cap

  6. Press both caps firmly onto the case

  7. Lift up the edges of both caps and inject a small line of superglue

  8. Turn it over and do the same thing on the back side

  9. Wipe any excess superglue that oozes out from underneath the rubber caps. Use precautions to prevent getting glue on your skin… but you already know that.

Under normal use the end caps will stay in place. If they come loose, use a bit more superglue.  You could use rubber cement but that takes longer to dry.

In case you’re wondering, when we make a new CyclePump EXPEDITION we don’t rely on superglue to hold those caps in place.  Instead they’re held with 4 raised stand-off bushings that fit into special holes in the caps.  Those bushings also hold the lid onto lower case.  This Upgrade Kit gives you about 90% of the new EXPEDITION features. What you won’t get is a brass ferrule on the air hose where it meets the chuck, or some other things we do to the internals on the EXPEDITION.  If you want all those features you’ll need to get a new CyclePump.