BestRest Customer Testimonials

Scroll down for a few of the many UNSOLICITED rider comments we’ve received in the past. Hey – we didn’t write this stuff – these are happy, satisfied customers! Of course we also get a few critics, but so far none of them asked us to post their negative comments on this page. If they did, we would.

Cycle Pump – 5 Years

I bought a Cycle Pump roughly 5 years and almost 40,000 miles ago. One afternoon I went to use it and it discovered it wasn’t developing full pressure like it had in the past. I sent an email to Best Rest I was surprised to receive a quick reply from owner of the company. This was on a Sunday!

He provided a general estimate for the repairs, so I shipped the pump to them for closer inspection. The pump needed a rebuild due to dirt in the case – my fault. In a few days it was returned to me totally rebuilt and in good-as-new condition. This was all taken care of for a small fee.

We all have great expectations when something costs more than the other gear out there, but you can’t place a high enough value on incredible customer service such as I received from Best Rest. They stood behind their product after all these years, even though it was not an equipment failure that caused the problem…. simply amazing. Thank you BestRest. A. Buisst- MI
TireIron BeadBrakR

Many thanks for the BeadBrakR. I used it yesterday in conjunction with the Cycle Pump to change my rear tyre (180/55). What an awesome product! Well made, very well designed and thought out, and simple to use. It’s a joy to get something these days which does what it says it will do!! I am totally satisfied. – C. Ritchie, Scotland

TireIron BeadBrakR
I just took delivery of a BeadBrakR, what a high quality product. My profession is Quality Assurance/Control in the industrial world, and I love well made tooling. This is high up the food chain on well made stuff. Great job guys. It really shows that you spent a lot of time thinking this through. – C. Hall, Sullivan, ME

Guinness World Records and the CyclePump
When there is a team of 15, with the entire Americas continent and a combined mileage of 300,000 miles ahead, getting punctures is going to be a dead certainty. Dealing with them quickly on the side of the road is a must.

As Guinness World Record Holders for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the World by Motorcycle and the Trans Americas by Motorcycle, having an effective and reliable kit is the norm. So, having a Cycle Pump with us the whole way on the Trans Americas 2005 Expedition Team was a no brainer. It does exactly what it says. From flat tyre to fat tyre in a matter of seconds. No one wants to spend time waiting on the side of the road and with the Cycle Pump, we didn’t. Kevin & Julia Sanders – GlobeBusters

CyclePump at 105 degrees
I wanted to tell you about my experience using the CyclePump. I was 30 miles east of Deming New Mexico on I-10 when my rear tire went flat. It was 12 noon and about 105 degrees and there was no shade to be had. I only had about 8 ounces of water in my bottle. Nobody stopped to help so I unpacked my tire irons and CyclePump. I replaced the tube and remounted the tire. Thank goodness the CyclePump quickly set the beads and pumped it up to 35 psi. I made it to a nearby Border Control station where I was able to get more water. If your pump hadn’t have worked I’d have likely had heat stroke. Thanks for making a great product!
– B. Redman, Katy,Texas

IPF Lights
“I’ve done a few night rides now with the IPF S6314 lights. They are great! I overtake cars and hit my high beam and my lights are much better than theirs. Now I am always asked (or told) to lead the ride at night due to the quality of my lights.” Greg Nally – Victoria, Australia

IPF Lights
The lights (S6313 amber) and the R12GS light bar you sold me a few months ago are working beautifully! I can really tell in difference in the reaction of cage drivers. Now (for the most part!)they are giving me a second look before doing what ever it was they were going to do. Many times now they will wait for me to pass before pulling out in front of me, making the cost of the aux. light system seem pretty cheap. Thanks again, S. Graham
IPF Lights & R12GS SkidPlate
Well, Dave, I rode 48 miles of gravel and sand on Saturday…as well as 250 miles of gorgeous curves in the Mt Baker area.

Just wanted to tell you how grateful I was to have the R12GS SplashGuard and Engine SkidPlate on my bike. I could hear the pinging, banging, and clanging as rocks & debris hit my bike…bounced off the under-carriage, as we powered through some pretty sloppy gravel and some hard-pan at good speeds….thanks again for suggesting it…

My IPF REV1 lights also worked well; my riding partner said I was three times as bright with all the lights I had now… J. Bryant, Kenmore, WA
Iron Butt ™ 2005
I have high praise for the CyclePump. My rear tire went flat in Key West where I plugged it, filled it with the CyclePump, and rode on. In Nebraska I discovered my rear tire had gone flat again. I repaired it and pumped up the tire with the Cyclepump and I rode on. I spent the rest of the night riding 100 or so miles and repeating the process. I discovered that most stations do not have air but it was no problem, as I had the CyclePump. I certainly appreciate your support of my ride. (Vicki had several BestRest accessories on her R1200GS).
Vicki Johnston – Top Female Solo Rider and 2005 Iron Butt Ò

Iron Butt ™ 2003
“Thanks for making some great products! I used your EZAir Gauge, CyclePump, Stop&Go Plugger, BackRest, and CargoRest to in the 2003 Iron Butt Ò Rally. They were an integral part of my survival kit and I wouldn’t be caught on the road without them.” – Paul Taylor, Winner of the 2003 Iron Butt Rally (11,000 miles in 11 days)

Key West to Prudhoe Bay
Just a quick note to let you know that the CyclePump, EZAir Gauge, SkidPlate and CargoRest performed flawlessly on my Key West-to-Prudhoe Bay trip in June ’05 on my R1150GS Adventure. – J. Bender, FL
I would definitely give you a 5-star rating!
“The CyclePump performed very nicely on the trip to Death Valley when we did our morning inspection and pressure checks, and needed to add a little air. We also use it at home for same purpose and it’s significantly faster than (other pumps), as well as making a much tighter seal on the tire valve stem. Thank you for the excellent customer service. Your persistance and understanding have been remarkable. I would definitely give you a 5-star rating! It has been a distict pleasure doing business with you, and I will definitely share my high opinion of you with my touring buddies.” -Alyse M., CA

Your CyclePump has been a invaluable tool
“I’m sending this message from Chapeco, Brazil. I’ve got 2 more days to the completion of our 34-day Brazilian Expeditions to Ushuaia, Argentina. Your CyclePump has been a invaluable tool that I’ve used after repairing flats on 5 different motorcycles, some several times. I’ve also used it on multiple occasions when changing air pressure in our tires when we went from pavement to muddy roads. It’s the only inflation device I’ve used while leading these trips, and I’ve been extremely pleased with it.” – Ron Ayres, Ayres Adventures (

Now I really do have piece of mind when touring…
“A quick note to let you know I received the CyclePump last week and tried it out to check that everything was OK. After reducing the pressure in one of my tires I connected the CyclePump for about 2 minutes. I rechecked the pressure and WOW an increase of about 24 psi! I must admit I was a little apprehensive about the CyclePump claims … but what a product! I cannot believe the quality and how efficient the CyclePump is, especially now that I’ve combined with your Stop&Go Tire Plugger. Now I really do have piece of mind when touring, especially to some of the isolated areas we have here in Australia.” -M. Moler, Sydney, Australia

Another product that I’ll never travel without
“Another product that I’ll never travel without is the BestRest CyclePump. The 15,000 kilometers we covered in Africa encompassed a wide variety of road conditions, from rough boulder-strewn single track, to good and bad gravel roads, to high-speed paved “tar”. We started the trip on knobbies, switched to street tires during a long paved stretch in South Africa and Botswana, then finally to a new set of knobbies for Namibia. In order to provide the best stability and ride, we would often air-down for gravel, then back up for tar. Many gas stations in Africa don’t have compressed air. Although, miraculously, none of us ever got a puncture, we would never have been able to adjust our tire pressures as desired without the CyclePump – two to three-hundred strokes using a manual pump with ambient temperatures in the low hundreds would have been miserable – with the CyclePump, a simple flip of the switch did the job for us!” -M. Paull, Seattle, WA

Man this thing looks great !!!!
“Just got my CyclePump in mail (UPS) today. Man this thing looks great !!!! Your web site does not communicate the small size of this product and its tough construction. It looks VERY durable, almost bullet proof or indestructible. Quality and workmanship looks great. I will show all people in club and others I feel could use it. Nice job and thanks for your quick service.” -T. Bressler, AZ

….CargoRest …. I took to Africa held up flawlessly
“Wanted to let you know that the model T CargoRest fitted to the 2002 BMW F650GS Dakar that I took to Africa held up flawlessly. I mounted a large Pelican compartmentalized case on the rack to carry my notebook PC, digital camera, and other electronic and electrical goodies. We did over 15,000 kilometers of African roads that varied from smooth asphalt to narrow-track boulders, with lots of ruts and corrugated gravel thrown in for good measure. In spite of road and shock conditions far worse than most riders will ever experience, the CargoRest rack performed flawlessly. Especially impressive, due to the rough conditions, I checked for loose fasteners on the bike about every third day. I never found a lose bolt, screw or nut on the CargoRest due to the high-quality of the supplied self-locking fasteners supplied – another great BestRest Product that I’ll recommend to other riders.” -M. Paull, Seattle, WA

….The final verdict? Love it
“What can I say? I liked so much I bought it . I’d been looking for a rear rack solution for some time, and this one fits the bill very nicely. The workmanship, sturdiness, versatility, looks and design make it well worth the money. The final verdict? Love it.” – C. Lindau (F650GS)

Quality, fit and finish of everything is first-class
“I installed a BestRest tool plate on my R1150GS. I like it a lot… it dramatically increases the amount of available space for tools and stuff, by removing the stock/molded tool holder. BestRest includes a nice round tube/container to put the small tools in, and some foam sheet to “wrap” whatever else you may have in there. For me, it freed up enough space to carry both tools and a spare tube in preparation for a trip across Eurasia. Quality, fit and finish of everything is first-class.” – M. Paull, Seattle, WA

I really like the ToolPlate
“I just want to let you know that I really like the ToolPlate. Especially now that I can hold more tools under my seat. I bought a tool roll like your site advised, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I will pass my experience on to other enthusiasts. Keep up the good work.” -E. Neal

….built like a Swiss watch, and a Sherman tank
“I installed my ToolPlate, and it works great, as you said it would. I also have been using the BackRest, and have been playing with the adjustments. That thing is built like a Swiss watch, and a Sherman tank. Thanks for the quality products, when are you going to make some more stuff for the GS?” – S. McTeer, Sanford, NC.

So long as I own the GS it will wear your products
“I found the mounting of the BackRest, ToolPlate, and CargoRest to go very smoothly. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The fellow assisting me was an ex-military type and he could not get over the build quality of your products. The BackRest made a very significant improvement in shoulder and back pain immediately. So long as I own the GS it will wear your products. – K. Flood, Ottawa, ON

All of your products are great!
“I recently received the ToolPlate and wanted to commend you on the quality of your workmanship and the fit and finish. I bought the ToolPlate because I had purchased the BestRest from you to begin with. All of your products are great! Let me know when you develop anything else for the GS.” – B Taylor, Coral Springs, FL

The instructions were superb
“The instructions were superb as was the product fit, finish and general experience dealing with the manufacturer.” -P. Cassell, Albuquerque, NM

….a well thought out product, designed by riders for riders
“Thanks for having your BestRest Products displayed at the National Rally in Redmond. After returning home to California with the BestRest brochure in hand, I decided my R1150GS needed your BackRest and Model T CargoRest. After a couple of long test rides I could not be happier. The construction is aircraft comparable and the look is Swiss-Army-knife-GS. The BackRest’s comfort, adjustability, and quick change transfer from pilot to passenger proves it’s a well thought out product, designed by riders for riders.” – R. Hopkins, Bakersfield, CA

….superbly designed and produced….
“Kudos on your product, it is superbly designed and produced. I would recommend the entire product to anyone who has a bike like the BMW.” -W. Stark, Calgary, AB

My passenger loves the BackRest!
“My passenger loves the BackRest! She threatens not to ride with me again if the BackRest is not in place. I have found that I use the BackRest a lot myself. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I do, but if we are not two-up I move it to the front position. So, I end up moving it back and forth … I almost need two of those BackRests to fit the bike at the same time.” -J. Smith, Blairville, GA

Overall and without reservation, it’s a great product
“So far, the BackRest works great. We have used it in both the rider and passenger positions but most importantly, my wife loves it. The design is quite ingenious and it’s apparent that a lot of time, thought and effort went into the manufacturing and design. The quality, fit and finish are first rate. Everything fit perfectly, the instructions were clear and total installation time was kept to a minimum… Overall and without reservation, it’s a great product. I was a bit apprehensive at first with the price. So often, particularly sight unseen, you pay a premium for inferior mass produced products that don’t fit or function as advertised. Not so here. While expensive, the design and quality more than justify the price. Your product is first rate and I’m sure we’ll get many enjoyable miles using it. “Quality remains long after price is forgotten.” “ — B. McGoldrick, Shreveport, LA

….bank-vault solidity and sweet precision of fit.
“The initial impression was of the bank-vault solidity and sweet precision of fit exhibited. Your quality of workmanship is commendable, exactly what I had come to expect after seeing the CargoRest… I am highly satisfied with your products, their fine design, comprehensive instructions, and the high degree of individual adjustability provided. “ — J. Cord, Karratha, Australia

….surpass the quality of the BMW motorcycle itself…
“I never saw a back rest worth installing on my BMW until now. The BestRest folding BackRest is specifically designed for the R1100GS/R1150GSseries motorcycles and has some pretty significant improvements compared to other backrests I have seen. First of all, it is almost infinitely adjustable, making it possible to get great support no matter what size the user happens to be. Secondly, it is made of stout 18-8 stainless steel bracketry. So strong that you could lift the bike by the BackRest if the BMW rack was strong enough. BestRest in fact, is likely to outlive your bike. Installation instructions are clear and detailed. To guarantee fasteners stay in place, BestRest provides stainless steel nylock nuts to lock each fastener down. This is a very good feature for GSes that do see some rough roads. Quality – This is one of the few motorcycle products that I could say that surpass the quality of the BMW motorcycle itself. The price for the backrest is $575. It is expensive but the quality is unsurpassed. If you happen to see this product in person, you will understand the cost. Quality does not come cheaply. “ — E. Blume, Seattle, WA

The BackRest is a beautifully made jewel of engineering
“The BackRest is a beautifully made jewel of engineering; a lattice of nuts and bolts and steel scaffolding that pivots, angles, raises and lowers, and locks firmly in place, all to position a cushy black backrest to exactly the place it does you, or your passenger, the most good. Just one look at it will tell you that David has spent a tremendous amount of time working all these details out, and, like many products that have been fabricated from a passion for the purpose, this backrest is destined to be a new benchmark. This kind of attention to detail, un-compromising construction and material, as well as the R&D that went into producing it, does not come at a bargain price but for those who have purchased it and have written about it on the lists, it seems like the price is well worth the support it gave them, as well as the attention their bikes may garnish with the BackRest aboard… His CargoRest …is an aluminum platform, powder coated in black, and covered with slots to accommodate most webbed cargo-straps. It included some very effective aluminum support rails running horizontally along the bottom creating extra strength and support. The BackRest logo had been laser etched in both products (nice touch). Both products are very well designed, produced and finished. Really nice job David!” — M. Prozzo, Seattle, WA