CyclePump EXPEDITION Combo w/Gauge

CyclePump EXPEDITION Combo Package 

(One CyclePump EXPEDITION + One EZ Air Gauge)

July 18 2017:  Motorcycle Consumer News awarded the CyclePump their “Top Choice Award” in a shoot-out with 6 other tire inflators.  See their August issue.

Available in 2 options:

Option 1.  CyclePump EXPEDITION straight chuck + EZAir Gauge with straight air chuck

Option 2.  CyclePump EXPEDITION straight chuck + EZAir Gauge with 90 air chuck

The air chuck on the CyclePump will be the straight design.  If you want BOTH chucks to be the 90 design, order items separately.

The CyclePump and the Gauge connect with each other.  First attach the Gauge to the valve stem, then attach the CyclePump to the Gauge and begin filling the tire.  Monitor pressure as the tire inflates.  (Photo at left shows the earlier Adventure CyclePump connected in-line with the gauge).


The CyclePump has a Universal power plug that fits both BMW and cigarette lighter style outlets, an SAE plug that fits battery chargers and heated clothing outlets, a Cordura storage pouch, the clip-on locking air chuck, and the 8-foot power cord. The aluminum case measures less than 2″x4″x6″ and the whole package weighs only 34 ounces. It’ll easily fit in your tank bag or saddle bags.

The CyclePump has a with a set of fused 15-amp battery alligator clips so you can connect it to the terminals of a battery, just like a small set of battery jumper cables. This feature makes it possible to power the CyclePump independently of a cigarette lighter or other power outlet – all you need is a willing 12-volt battery. You can hook up to a passing automobile, farm tractor, or other convenient 12-volt power source. When you’re in the wilds of Ecuador or the deserts of Somalia these clips are worth their weight in gold!

If you’re drawing power from your motorcycle we recommend plugging the CyclePump into a 10-15 amp fused outlet. If you don’t have a power outlet you can temporarily connect the alligator clips to the battery when you need to run the pump.

EZ-Air Tire Gauge

The EZ-Air gauge is a logical companion to the CyclePump. It’s a great gauge by itself, but it also works as an in-line gauge. You can hook it up in series with the CyclePump or any compressor.

The EZ-Air Tire Gauge attaches to the valve stem of your tire and gives instant, accurate readings. If tire pressure is low, leave the EZ-Air connected to the tire, attach a CyclePump to the brass valve stem fitting on the EZ-Air gauge, and turn on the CyclePump. The EZ-Air displays real-time pressures as the tire inflates.

 If you accidentally over-inflate, you can release pressure using the bleed button on top of the gauge. This feature is especially useful for adventure and GS enthusiasts, who need to “air-down” their tires when they hit unpaved roads or trails.

The air hose on the gauge is 12″ long, the 1-1/2″ dial is rubber armored, it comes with a protective vinyl storage pouch, and it weighs only 8 ounces. It’s a compact package that fits nicely in the palm of your hand. Yes, it’s larger than a pencil gauge, but the utility of the EZ-Air makes it worth the extra space.

This gauge takes the work out of the daily chore of checking your tires. It also simplifies tire pressure management to meet the demands of ever-changing road conditions.

The CyclePump is covered by US Patent D800,788


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