NorthWest Passage (NWP) GPS Tracks 2017
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This is a .GPX Download from our DropBox account.  Click the hot link:

Clicking the link that will open up our DropBox page.  At the upper right click of your screen click the download button and save it on your computer.
Open the file using MapSource or BaseCamp. These tracks have a large number of track points.   Based on your GPS system you may need to limit these points in order to to meet the requirements of that device.  You can easily do that using MapSource or BaseCamp.
This file contains all the TRACKS we laid down when we rode the NWP in 2016.  It’s organized by number and by tracks, going east-to-west.  Refer to the printed  Itinerary to figure which TRACK to follow on any given day.  Don’t forget to download the PDF Itinerary and map pages.
NOTE: Some riders have reported problems downloading gpx tracks from our Dropbox site. Some operating systems automatically convert the .gpx format to a .txt format.  If that happens please contact us by email and we will send you the file by direct email.
Have fun on your ride!
– Mr. BestRest