Do you have a CyclePump or an EZAir Gauge with a straight air chuck?  
Do you have difficulty fitting it between the tire valve stem and the brake rotors and/or the wheel hub?
Do you want to upgrade from a straight chuck and fit a 90 clip-on air chuck?
We now have a 90 retrofit kit that will convert your straight air chuck to a 90 clip-on locking air chuck.  To perform the retrofit:
1. Cut the air hose 1″ behind the existing air chuck, using a sharp pair of scissors.
2. Slip the Oediker clamp onto the air hose, about 3″ down the hose.
3. Push the barb of the 90 chuck into the air hose until the barb is seated.
4. Slip the Oediker clamp back up the hose, over the barb.
5. Crimp the nipple of the Oediker clamp FIRMLY, using a pair of side cutters (dykes).  
Your new configuration will look like this:
As with all our other air chucks, this 90 retrofit chuck uses a small locking jaw to engage the threads of the tire stem, and it has an input valve stem identical to the valve stem on your tire.  Overall height of the stem is 1.80″.  Sideways dimension is .75″

To operate the chuck:

1.  Press the silver lever, then press the chuck onto the tire stem

2. Release the silver lever and the chuck will lock in place on the tire stem.

3.  When you’re done, simply press the silver lever and the 90 stem pops off, without any air loss.  Easy, peasy, let’s hit the road!