CyclePump Tire Repair Kit – Repairs BOTH Tubed and Tubeless

We put together a sensible tire repair kit that repairs BOTH tubed and tubeless tires…

Just because your bike has one type of tire (tubed or tubeless), that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have BOTH tire repair options – after all, you might find yourself assisting a stranded rider who has a different tire style than the kind you have on your bike.

All these components fit in the handy expandable storage tube.

This repair kit gives you enough strings or patches to make at least FOUR roadside tire repairs for tubed or tubeless tires.  You can order spare strings, patches and glue at any time.

Heres what you get in your kit:  

  • 1 instruction sheet with EASY TO FOLLOW guidelines
  • 1 string insertion tool for tubeless tires
  • 1 reaming tool for tubeless tires
  • 1 scuffer/roller tool for tire/tube preparation
  • 4 self-vulcanizing strings for tubeless tires (repairs 4 tires)
  • 4 self-vulcanizing patches for tubed tires (repairs 4 tubes)
  • 1 20 ml tube vulcanizing fluid
  • 2 metal valve stem caps with valve core tool ends
  • 2 valve core replacements
  • 1 expandable protective storage tube 2.5″ diameter, 6″long expands to 8″ long
  • Weighs only 8 ounces


Why did we provide a hard plastic storage tube?  Unless the glue tube is protected by some type of hard outer container, it’s likely to be punctured, squished or damaged somewhere along the trail.  If that happens you’ll be stranded.  The hard storage tube prevents this from happening and it keeps all your tire repair gear in one handy container.  The tube gives you some extra room so you can throw in your own spare parts, rubber valve stem replacements, rubber gloves, etc.
To order more glue, strings, or patches CLICK HERE or click the TIRE ACCESSORIES tab in the left column of this page then scroll down to the middle of the page.
Some riders ask why we only put 4 strings and 4 patches in each kit.  Why not provide 15 ?  The answer is simple – the strings and patches are the highest quality tire repair components on the market.  They’re expensive, and for good reason.  To keep the cost of the Tire Repair Kit at a modest price point, we limited the patches and strings.  Order more if you think you’ll need them on the road.  Prepare to pay about $2.50 per patch or $1.75 per string.
Here’s a photo showing the 3 tire repair kits we offer:
1. Repairs tubeless tires ONLY
2. Repairs BOTH tubed and tubeless tires
3. Repairs tubed tires ONLY

Every tire repair kit comes with the hard storage tube shown above.  If you have an earlier vintage repair kit without the storage tube, you can order the tube by clicking the link below.