GUGLAtech Fuel and Air Filters

GUGLAtech, an Italian company, produces top-notch fuel and air filters. After rigorous field testing, BestRest became their North American distributor due to the impressive performance of these filters. We offer filters for BMWs, KTMs, Ducatis, Yamahas, Kawasakis, Hondas, Suzukis, dirt bikes with plastic gas tanks, and more.

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For detailed applications, view the GUGLAtech application chart.

Fuel Filters

Prevent fuel contamination with GUGLAtech fuel filters. Most fit into the gas tank neck, filtering out dirt, sand, and water. Some install inside the tank.

Review the top left image to see the fuel filter. We filled a GUGLAtech filter with water, and after 24 hours, a few tiny droplets leaked due to labeling ink. Once in fuel, the ink dissolved, blocking all water.

GUGLAtech filters ensure clean fuel, preventing carburetor or injector failures.

Air Filters

GUGLAtech air filters are reusable and meet or exceed OEM specs. Featuring a 30-40 micron fabric mesh reinforced by a wire screen, they clean the air without restricting airflow. Clean with compressed air and soapy water for multiple uses.

Review the top right-hand image to see a close-up view of the air filter cleats.

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Filters come with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects, excluding normal wear and tear, and damage from sharp edges in fuel tanks or warped air boxes.

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