Sorry, this product is out of production at this time due to rising materials and labor costs.

One of the things we’ve always liked about our CyclePump is the solid brass locking air-chuck. It’s one of the easiest and most secure air-chucks on the market. However, some folks report a difficult time getting a good airtight connection between the chuck and the valve stem. This was caused because of the limited clearance between the end of the tire valve stem and the brake rotors and/or hub.  There just isn’t much room between the two.  The air hose gets kinked or slightly off-center, and the air chuck can’t make a good airtight seal.

We took the idea to our design team and here’s what we came up with: a true clip-on, no air loss, 90 degree valve stem extension.  


It uses a small locking jaw to engage the threads of the tire stem, a 90 fitting, and it has an input valve stem identical to the valve stem on your tire.  Overall height of the stem is 1.80″.  Sideways dimension is .75″

To operate:


1.  Press the silver lever and press the chuck firmly onto the tire stem

2.  The chuck locks in place and you can now attach the chuck from the CyclePump or your air hose.

3.  When you’re done, simply press the silver lever and the 90 stem pops off, without any air loss.  Easy, peasy, let’s hit the road!

*Note: These extensions are only meant to be used while inflating the tire, they should not remain on the tire during operation of the motorcycle. If you leave the extension on the tire it will cause an unbalanced condition, or it may damage the valve stem, which may cause sudden loss of tire pressure!