Common Sense… You’d think that everybody would have a little bit of it, but that’s not always the case.  We can help.  

We’ve had a number of customers ask where they could get some good-old-fashioned Common Sense, the kind their grandparents had. They want it for themselves, or for family members, or as a special gift for one of their riding buddies.  They also want it for their Facebook friends who are constantly posting politically-charged messages or other messages debating the merits of tires, motor oil, riding technique, etc.
Recognizing the need for this product and rising to the challenges, the Staff at BestRest put together a simple but surprisingly effective Common Sense Kit.
Features include:
  1. Storage pouch – keeps your Common Sense clean, dry, and neatly organized 
  2. Easy to install – just slip it in that empty space between your ears, no tools required
  3. Small size – quickly folds up, requires no extra space, take it with you anywhere you go
  4. Expandable – stretches to cover every situation, returns to original size when you’re finished
  5. Lightweight – weighs next to nothing, even when solving heavy problems
  6. Adaptable –  unisex design, one size fits all, gender neutral, and suitable for all ages
  7. Fashionable – comes in every color, matches any style, compliments any wardrobe
  8. Politically Neutral – works equally well for all political parties, political viewpoints, or political dogmas
Here’s what each Kit contains:
  1. A short list of the most important things your parents taught you as a small child
  2. A long list of the things you were taught in school, but you’ve since forgot
  3. A step-by-step formula for remaining polite and respectful to everyone you meet, talk to, or write to
  4. A list of do’s and don’ts that cover most social situations, including those really awkward moments when people nervously stop talking as soon as you walk up
  5. An explanation of the workings of the United States Constitution, including the process of electing Presidents and other public officials
  6. An electronic “bullshit detector” that can sift real news from fake news – the indicator light shows red when it detects false stories.  When truth is detected the light shows green.
  7. A list of do’s and don’ts that cover the basics of riding motorcycles, including excessive speed, poor braking technique, riding in sandals or cutoffs, riding without a helmet, and much more
  8. A flow chart showing when a rider should stand on the footpegs, or when they should sit on the saddle
  9. Amusing anecdotes featuring real people who actually used some measure of Common Sense in their daily lives
  10. An easy-to-follow flow chart that’s helpful for solving simple problems that you managed to make more difficult than necessary
  11. Warning stickers to identify any truly complex tasks that should be left to a professional in that field of work
  12. Adhesive placards for the “Directionally Challenged”.  Titles include:  Up, Down Left, Right, North, South, This-way-to-camp, That-way-to-get-home, Right-is-tight, Left-is-loose, Gas-tank-is-on-reserve-and-it’s-100-miles-to-the-next-service-station, and more.  Please specify if you require any specialized placards – additional fees may apply.
  13. Paper bag (extra large) to control hyper-ventilation when you engage in political discussions with someone holding an opposing viewpoint
  14. Compact mirror (4″) so you can look at yourself and see how others actually see you
  15. Tube of Respect For Others (12 ounce gel) – apply liberally several times a day
  16. Medic Alert bracelet to warn emergency medical personnel that you suffer from Common Sense Deficiency Syndrome (CSDS).  Don’t worry, they’re highly trained and know exactly what to do for your condition.

Each kit contains enough Common Sense to last for several weeks.  Most customers achieve immediate results after a single application.  Those with elevated I.Q.’s or advanced educational degrees usually require several doses before achieving any results.  Those serving in government offices will require repeated applications.  Those with dogmatic political views, or intense hatred for past or present United States Presidents, will find that daily treatments with Common Sense will lower blood pressure levels and restore a moderate level of sanity (for a short time). 

Medical Warnings:

Apply Common Sense sparingly – a little goes a long way.  It’s a rare and valuable commodity so don’t waste it or use it unless you really need it.  Over-application will not provide additional benefits.  Small amounts over an extended period of time seem to work best.

Discontinue use if a rash develops or if you experience symptoms including dizziness, confusion, or brain paralysis.  This can be a sign of a serious medical condition – call 911.   Those with chronic CSDS should consult their physician to determine if Common Sense is appropriate for their treatment.

Most customers report very good results with the Common Sense Kit, which is why we we get so many repeat orders. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that this Kit will work for everyone, so we can’t offer refunds or provide exchanges.  After your first application you may discover you’re that you’re Common Sense Intolerant (CSI). Some people just are, they always will be, and nobody can help them… not even the staff of trained professionals who work here at BestRest Products.

Supplies are limited so place your order now.  Sorry, only 3 kits per Customer.  No hoarding allowed, don’t be selfish.  Leave some for those who really need it.

Dealer Inquiries Welcome – we want to get this Kit out to as many people as possible.  Millions need it but very few have it. Your business can benefit from having customers who use this product.
Product Update.  We recently sent some Common Sense Kits to Washington DC…we shipped enough Kits to treat both Houses of Congress, the staff at the White House, and both Political Parties.  It was the largest order we’ve ever filled.  We’re confident that we’ll see results in a few weeks.Product Update.  Seizing upon an idea sent to us by Brian C. Englund we just added a “Sense of Humor Module” to each kit.  This should be use by persons who need to lighten up and laugh a little.  In keeping with our Company Policy of offering the lowest price for the best quality gear, we don’t charge extra for this feature.

Product Update.  By popular request we are now offering a special “Snowflake Module“.  This item has special cooling circuits to prevent people from melting down due to the current political climate.  The module includes packages of hot chocolate, a fuzzy blankey, crayons, and a pacifier. Special handling charges will apply.

Print out your own Common Sense Kit by clicking the link below.  You’ll be glad you did.