MotoMudd 2

MotoMudd 2 is a travel sized 2-ounce squeeze bottle o’mudd.  The flip-top lid has a nozzle to control the flow, so it’s handy for applying MotoMudd to face and hands
Because of the narrow nozzle we removed the straw, leaves, and pine needles from the mix, but we did include a lavender scent so it smells good on your face and hands. 

MotoMudd 2 fits in your jacket pocket so it’s always handy when you need it.  Need a quick trail-side touch-up so you look the part when you arrive?  This is the size to get.
This photo shows the effects you can get from the travel-sized MotoMudd 2.  In less than 30 seconds Mr. BestRest transformed himself from a short, fat, balding, timid pavement rider, into a real off-road hero.  Imagine the stories he’ll be able to tell around the campfire… A little MotoMudd goes a long way.