BestRest Products responds to the latest motorcycle hazard:  Grass Clippings !!!

If you do Facebook then you’ve seen posts that talk about grass clippings and how they can present a hazard to motorcyclists – ride across those clippings and you’re sure to crash and burn.

Municipalities are passing new laws that would prohibit mowing grass and allowing the clippings to be cast upon the roadway, where it would lay in wait for the next unsuspecting victim.  

Some riders pooh-pooh the dangers of grass clippings, claiming it’s a “nothing burger”; others say that grass clippings mark the end of civilization as we know it.

BestRest’s position on this debate is somewhere in the middle… but that doesn’t mean we can’t cash in on this movement, so we developed a do-it-yourself Grass Clipping Kit.  

The BestRest Grass Clipping Kit consists of a hard plastic StuffBoxx which contains about one pound of fresh grass clippings.  The StuffBoxx keeps the clippings fresh so they remain slippery and dangerous.  When you need some clippings simply open the lid, sprinkle generously on the road surface, and you create your own road hazard.  Amaze your friends by riding across those clippings (without falling).  Trick your enemies by sprinkling clippings on a decreasing radius corner, then watch as they lose traction and skid off the road.  

You can even refill the Grass Clipping Kit (once the StuffBoxx is empty).  Fill it with your own clippings, or order replacement clippings from BestRest.  Our clippings are slipperier than those you can grow yourself – up to 30% more slip per blade of grass!

This is the perfect gift for every rider.  Order NOW before we’re sold out.

As a special introductory offer, we’ve lowered the price from $75, to only $49.00. That’s a bargain you can’t pass up.