Imagine the humiliation of riding into Camp or arriving at a Rally with a perfectly clean bike and spotless riding gear.  Your buddies snicker and point because it’s obvious you took the “easy way out” and avoided the dirty bits along the trail.  Your reputation is at risk. Jokes will be told, at your expense.  It’s time for action.

BestRest has the solution:  MotoMudd

MotoMudd is a proprietary blend of road grime, swamp goo, and trail dirt that’ll make you and your bike look like you rode the “long way round”.  In a few minutes you’ll look like you battled the tough trails, and you won.

To watch the video click here: MotoMudd In Use

In the photo at left, off-road riding and training legend Shawn Thomas is wearing a thick coating of MotoMudd on his wheels and riding gear.  He actually rode nothing but paved highways to camp, but before he arrived he used a jug of MotoMudd to achieve this salty and adventurous appearance.  If MotoMudd works for Shawn, it’ll work for you.

Before you roll into camp, simply smear some MotoMudd onto strategic parts of your bike including skid plate, cylinder heads, windscreen, the ends of the handlebars, etc.  Spread a handful on your jacket and pants, put a couple dabs on your cheeks and forehead, and you’ll pass for a REAL off-road rider.  With a bit of practice you can achieve a crusty appearance that tells everyone you’re really serious about GS-style off-road riding.  

MotoMudd’s active ingredients were collected from some of our favorite off-road trails here in Washington State. We’ve also added a few items that heighten the desired effect: bits of straw, a few leaves, and some pine needles.  For the faint at heart (and those with weak stomachs) we added a small amount of lavender oil so MotoMudd smells good, even though it looks bad. 

MotoMudd is NOT brand-specific and can be used on all motorcycles. The label allows you to mark: __BMW __KTM __Honda __Kawasaki __Suzuki __Yamaha __Other.

MotoMudd is a trademark of BestRest Products LLC.  Accept no substitutes, beware of cheaper imports.  There is no other mudd quite like MotoMudd.

And in case you’re wondering if this is all just a big joke, it’s not, this product is REAL. This is the perfect gag gift for your riding buddies….You can order below.


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