GUGLAtech Fuel and Air Filters

GUGLAtech is an Italian company dedicated to making the world’s finest finest fuel and air filters.  Our intrepid BestRest staff tested these filters under actual field conditions and they were so impressed, BestRest became the North American distributor for GUGLAtech’s product line.  We offer products that fit most BMWs, KTMs, Ducatis, Yamahas, Kawasakis, Hondas, Suzuki’s, dirt bikes with plastic gas tanks, and others.

Here’s a recent review of Guglatech fuel filters, written by racing legend Jimmy Lewis:

Watch the Guglatech Torture Test video here: Torture Test

Watch the Guglatech Intro video here:  Guglatech Intro and Explanation

At the left of the screen (in the Guglatech category) is a blue menu showing your motorcycle brand.  Click that link to browse filters designed for your motorcycle.

For an application chart click that helps you select the right filter click here:
Guglatech application chart 06-11-18 11×17 format

For a video that explains and demonstrates Guglatech Fuel Filters click here.

Fuel Filters:  Prevent fuel contamination with a GUGLAtech fuel filter.  Most models drop right inside the neck of your gas tank and filter out contaminants such as dirt, sand, and WATER as you fill the tank.  Other models require installation inside the tank.

The photo at left shows a GUGLAtech filter that we filled to the very top with water.  We wanted to see if the water penetrated the mesh (and would contaminate the fuel).   After 24 hours there were a few tiny pinhead-sized droplets that squeezed out.  We determined that was the result of the ink used when labelling the filter.  Once the filter was immersed in fuel that ink dissolved and water penetration was completely prevented. 

We poured out the water and filled the filter with fuel… which passed thru quickly and easily.  Plainly stated, if your fuel has water or other contaminants, a GUGLAtech will strain it out, leaving your fuel free of dirt, sand, or water.  And that means you won’t get stranded by the side of the road because your carb or injector failed.

Air Filters:  Filter your air with a re-usable GUGLAtech air filter.  They meet or exceed OEM air filter specs.  The filter has a 30-40 micron fabric mesh which cleans the air without restricting airflow.  The dry (not oiled) mesh is reinforced by a wire screen.  This means the filter can be cleaned with compressed air and soapy water, WITHOUT DAMAGE TO THE FILTER.  And that means you can use it over and over again.  Basically, this is the last air filter you’ll ever need for your bike.  Read a PDF explaining the GUGLAtech filtering technology here:  Air Filter Blog 2

Guglatech Warranty:

Fuel and air filters are warrantied for 1 year against defects in manufacturing.  This warranty does NOT cover normal wear and tear, and does NOT cover any damage to fuel filters that may be caused by the filter bag making contact with sharp edges of molded plastic fuel tanks, or sharp edges of fuel sensors, fuel pumps, or other internal parts within the fuel tank.  Note that fuel filters are subject to the sloshing of fuel within the tank; movement of the filter bag and any damage caused by that movement is considered normal wear and tear. Warranty does not cover damage to an air filter caused by warped air box assemblies.  Warranty does not cover incidental damages of any kind.


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