BeadSetR tm

The BeadSetR is a tubeless tire mounting system.  It “sets” the tire sidewalls against the rim and establishes an initial airtight seal.  Once you have that airtight seal you can begin to build air pressure in the tire and “seat the bead”.  Without that initial airtight seal the tire will never expand, inflate, or seat properly against the rim. 

Here’s a YouTube video that shows the BeadSetR in action:  Tubeless Tire – BeadSetR

At first glance the BeadSetR may look like a regular ratchet strap…. but it’s not.   Instead, it’s a 1″ ratcheting strap WITHIN a 2″ outer strap.  This eliminates friction between the rubber tread and the tensioning strap.  A plastic slider eliminates friction between the ratchet and the tread.  The result is an easy, uniform expansion of the tire sidewalls, without collapsing the tread.

The BeadSetR is designed for use on tubeless tires, but its also compatible with tires that have tubes.  Tube tires rely on the inner tube to inflate and expand, which seats the bead against the rim (usually).  Stubborn tires need help to fully seat the bead, and the BeadSetR gives you that help.

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