This Valve Stem Multi-Tool (VSMT) is for Tubeless tires.  It performs 3 separate functions: 

1.  It tightens or removes valve stem cores. The T-handle portion has one end that fits over the valve stem and works as a valve stem wrench

2.  It deflates the tire when screwed onto the valve stem. The T-handle portion has another end that will deflate the tire when screwed onto the valve stem

3.  It fishes Tubeless valve stems through the hole in the rim. Just slip the wand through the hole in the rim, thread it onto the end of the new tubeless valve stem, and pull the tubeless valve stem into place.  We recommend lubricating the stem with BeadGoop before installation.  As you pull the stem thru the rim, also push the other end of the stem thru the hole with a tire iron.

This is the same VSMT that comes with every BeadBrakR.  

At left is the VSMT for Tubeless tires; it threads OUTSIDE the valve stem. Check the size of the hole in your rim – it must be at least 7/16″” diameter for the the wand to fit through the hole in the rim.

Valve Stem Multi Tool - TubelessValve Stem Multi Tool - Tube Tires


At right is the VSMT for Tubed tires tires; it threads INSIDE the valve stem.  If you have tubed tires this tool probably won’t work for you.  Instead, you will want the VSMT for tubed tires shown HERE.