MotoSiphon™ by BestRest Products

MotoSiphon is an easy-to-use compact siphoning system designed for transferring fuel from one motorcycle to another.  It’s small enough to carry on the bike so you’re always ready for an impromptu fuel transfer.  Watch the video:  MotoSiphon In Use
We’ve been in situations when we’ve run out of gas and had to get fuel from our riding buddies (or had to share our own fuel with others).  For that reason we always carried a piece of siphon hose.  We used it this past summer on a stretch of trail on the NorthWest Passage.  Poor fuel management led to an episode that (literally) left a bad taste in our mouth…
Using siphoning skills learned in high school, we sucked on the end of the hose until we got a big mouthful of gas, then watched as fuel flowed into the transfer container (in this case an empty StuffBoxx). Then we poured the fuel into the empty bike’s tank, repeating the process until we had enough gas to get us to the next town.  The gas was a delightful blend of 92 octane petroleum distillates, with a fruity bouquet and a nutty aftertaste.  OK, so it tasted horrible and was bad for our health.  As soon as we got home we went looking for alternatives to the traditional mouth-on-the-hose method.
What we found was a siphon called the SuperJiggler™.  It has a fitting on the end of the hose that creates the siphon by jiggling the hose up and down in the gas tank. The SuperJiggler™ was almost what we wanted, but we made several improvements:
  1. The hose had a natural curl that interfered with getting the siphon process started.  We tamed the curl it by adding an internal stiffener.

  2. There was no fuel receptacle, so if we didn’t have a plastic bottle or some other container there was nothing to siphon the fuel into (No, you don’t want to use your helmet).  We solved this problem by providing a stand-up plastic bladder that holds 1/2 gallon of fuel.

  3. There was no way to stop the siphon and quickly restart it when needed.  We added a simple tubing clamp that shuts off fuel flow; release the clamp and the siphon starts again on its own.

  4. There was no storage pouch, so we added a vinyl pouch that holds everything safely in your saddlebag until you need it.
To see it in use watch this YouTube video: MotoSiphon In Use
Size in pouch:          6″x6″x2″
Weight:                     8 ounces
Hose diameter:      1/2″ OD, 3/8″ ID   
Hose length:            6 feet
Transfer rate:          1.5 gallons /min.
Transfer container:  69 oz. (1/2 gal)
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