Announcing the NEW Classic-3 Aluminum Frame BackRest

We’ve manufactured several different styles of backrests over the years including the Classic-1, EZRest, and the Classic-2.  Those versions have been replaced with the newest version, the aluminum framed Classic-3.  


The BackRest supports your lower back and takes the strain off your upper body. This makes the journey much more comfortable, reduces fatigue, and allows many more hours in the saddle. With a BackRest you don’t need to consciously arch your back or assume an unnatural upright position in an effort to reduce muscle strain. It’s a simple equation:  

       more support = more comfort = more hours = more miles= more riding adventures

Can we guarantee you wont have some aches and pains after 12 hours in the saddle? No, but we promise youll feel a lot better if you ride with a BestRest Classic-3. 

Here’s what one customer wrote, “Hey Guys, had to send you a note letting you know how pleased with my new Classic2 BackRest on my 09 R1200GSA. Product quality and function far surpasses my expectations. After opening the box it was on the bike and ready for a test ride in 15 minutes. That test ride was a quick jaunt around the block; about 380 miles and the Classic2 passed with flying colors. Wouldnt leave home without it and cant imagine riding without it. Thanks for a great product and even better service. Mark Z. Germantown, TN”

Passengers using the BackRest will find their riding experience is much more enjoyable. They report a greater sense of security because they’re no longer worried about falling off the bike during acceleration. The BackRest helps them maintain their balance and “oneness with the bike”. They can even relax when the bike is ridden on twisting roads or uneven terrain. 

Photos below show the older Classic-2 steel framed BackRest.  We’ll update photos when time permits.  All new orders will receive the latest and greatest Classic-3 BackRest, with the aluminum frame.


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