If you’ve got TUBELESS tires this video shows an emergency alternative to using a DonorHose or a BeadSetR to spread the tire sidewalls against the rim, so you can make an airtight seal, build pressure using your CyclePump, and pop the beads into place on the rim.

Does this mean the DonorHose and BeadSetR are ineffective or obsolete?  No.  The DonorHose works 80% of the time.  The BeadSetR works 95% of the time.  It’s the other 5% we’re talking about.  

This technique is not for the faint of heart because it involves using explosive gas (butane) to blast those sidewalls outward.  Nevertheless, it’s effective when all else fails.  

Why use BUTANE?  Because it comes in tiny little canisters that are small enough to carry on the motorcycle.  Cans of ether (the typical go-to for this method) are simply too big and heavy.

We tested butane against ether to see if we got similar results.  We did.  We also tested WD40, which some claim will also do the job.  It failed to ignite.  

Watch the video, see how it works, then decide if you want to carry a canister of butane on the bike.
Butane Bead Blaster

PS.  BestRest doesn’t sell these butane canisters, but we do list a source where you can buy them.  
PPS.  BestRest doesn’t endorse this method, although we use it ourselves when necessary.
PPPS.  BestRest isn’t responsible if you muck things up.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.