Yup, that’s right, BestRest Products is for sale.   Not any more!  Rather than selling, we decided to close the storefront and move the business to our home.  Best thing we ever did.  Now we ARE retired, but we still do a little bit of work.  Up at the crack of dawn, fill a few orders, make a few products, and by 10 AM we have the rest of the day to ourselves.  

After almost 20 years, Mr. BestRest decided it’s time for something else…  He wants to spend more time riding, less time working.  And most importantly, he wants to spend more time with his wonderful wife Judy.  She loves to ride, but because Mr. BestRest is working she misses out on the fun.  It’s not fair.

If you love motorcycles, if you have an eye for business, if you enjoy spending your day around tires and tools and parts, if you love talking to riders from all over the world, and if you have a passion to share the sport by providing riders with the best quality gear, then this might be the place for you.

This job isn’t for everybody.  It’s gonna take a special person who has the same drive and vision as Mr. BestRest, someone who understands the sport, who can run a business successfully (like he has), someone who will carry the BestRest Products legacy ahead for another 20 years… or longer. 

You’ll be buying a well-established company that has their own line of exclusive products (with several patents and trademarks).  We have a US dealer network as well as an international dealer network, and a customer base that’s loyal and appreciative.

Of course you’ll want to know the price, the terms, the details.  Rather than posting them here in this newsletter, I’ll be happy to discuss those things when you call.  It goes without saying that this applies to serious inquires only.  Be prepared to sell yourself, first, before we talk terms. 

For those worried their CyclePump Lifetime Warranty will be affected… it won’t be.  We’ll be doing business as usual until the day Mr. BestRest rides into retirement.  After that, the “New Sheriff In Town” will faithfully carry on the BestRest tradition.  

Several months ago I posted a comment in one of my newsletters where I mentioned “retirement”.  Many customers have contacted me since then, congratulating me for my bold decision, thinking it was a “done deal”.  Thanks to all of you but it hasn’t happened yet.  

Since then it’s been an open secret that BestRest is for sale.  (In fact one of the local Seattle-based moto/gossip rags even went so far as to post an image of our business broker’s sale listing.)  

I’ve had many interested parties contact me but none of them were financially qualified, or had the business sense needed, or they wanted to change the focus of BestRest, etc. I never accepted any of their offers because I didn’t think it was the right “fit”.  I was content to keep things going they way they were until the right buyer came along.  

If you think you have what it takes to run a small business, and you’re financially well-qualified, please call me at the shop 425.673.1023.  If I don’t answer, leave a message.  As I mentioned above, our conversation will begin with your own interview, to determine if you’d be a good fit.  Once we establish that fact, then we’ll talk turkey.

So what caused me to put the Company on the market now?  As the summer unfolded I realized how much time I was spending on behalf of BestRest.  I was at rallies, or on the phone, or on the computer, or working in the shop because that’s who I am.  I always treat my customers like they’re my riding buddies, which means I’d answer emails on weekends. 

Judy and I have talked about this at great length.  She’s been incredibly patient and understanding and she’s supported me all these years as I nurtured BestRest from a tiny mom-and-pop operation, into a world-wide brand.  Now it’s time for me to do something nice for her.  That’s why I’m going all-in on this sale process.  That’s why I’m “coming out of the parts room” and making this announcement open to the public.Next summer is gonna be hers, because she deserves it.

David Petersen

Mr. BestRest