Washington Backcountry Discovery RouteJim Decker came into our shop in late September 2011 to get a few things for an upcoming ride – the WBDR.  Jim pilots a KTM 950, and with the stiff sidewalls on the KTM he needed a surefire method of breaking the tire beads so he could make emergency repairs in the field.  He purchased a TireIron BeadBrakR and the Tire DVD, which shows how to use the BeadBrakR, how to change tires, and how to make tire repairs.

A week later Jim and 2 riding buddies were on the WBDR, 35 miles from the nearest town, when one of the riders had a puncture on his Suzuki DR650.  A trailer hitch cotter pin somehow managed to imbed itself in the rear tire, ruining the tube.  Jim pulled out his BeadBrakR, and in a few minutes the tire was off the rim, a new tube was installed, the tire was remounted, and the tire was inflated using Jim’s CyclePump.

Jim wrote this, “The BeadBrakR worked perfectly; I simply pulled it out of the plastic wrapper and followed the instructions.  Nice to have the connecting keys all strapped to the metal brace parts,…it made the assembly process easy and will ensure I don’t lose them in the future.  We also used the mounting lubricant for placing the tire back on the wheel,…..then used the 3 tire irons to re-mount the tire.  I only wish I’d had your tube of talc powder,…….but inserted without it, and the tire was back in action in no time!