How many times have you left on a motorcycle trip, carrying a full quart of oil (or a half-empty bottle)? The answer is “always!”  You carry oil and other fluids because you know that maintaining proper oil and gear lube levels is critical to engine and drive train performance, and it’s the easiest (and cheapest) way to ensure engine reliability. When the oil level drops you want to top it off and maintain the optimum level and guarantee proper lubrication.  So you always carry some oil when you ride.  (If you don’t, you should.)  The trouble with a standard 1-quart (32 oz. / 946 ml.) oil bottle is that it’s too big, wasting precious space. And you really don’t need to bring along that much oil anyway; you just need enough to add a few ounces between oil changes.

OilJug™ is the answer. These compact high density polyethylene jugs are ideal for transporting, storing or packaging a wide variety of products, including oils and lubrication products. Because the OilJug™ is an FDA food grade container you can even use it for cooking oil, syrup, distilled spirits or other consumable liquids for your camping They can be filled with your favorite lubricant or other liquid and reused hundreds of times. The screw lid has a foam inner cap seal to prevent leakage or weeping. The convenient molded handle makes it easy to hold and pour.

The photo shows all 3 sizes, but each one is sold separately.  Order the sizes you need, they’re all priced the same.

4 oz. jug = 118 ml. = 1/8 quart  This size is perfect for final drive gear lube, brake fluid, cooking oil, or car wash solution for that mid-rally bike wash.  One expert motorcycle tech and author uses this size to carry de-icer and fuel stabilizer.  1-3/8” x  2-1/2” x 3-1/2”.

8 oz. jug = 237 ml. = 1/4 quart  This size is great for the occasional oil top-off  during those 1000-mile weekend getaways. It’s especially valuable when you’re breaking in a new bike and the rings haven’t seated and oil consumption is expected.  1-5/8” x  3” x 4-1/2”.

16 oz. jug = 473 ml. = 1/2 quart  This is our most popular size, since it holds enough oil for most cross-country expeditions. Remember, you can always replenish your oil supply along the way!  1-3/4” x 4-1/8” x 6”.