Tube of glue inside the hard telescoping case. Glue and strings not included when you buy the case.

When you order a CyclePump Tire Repair Kit (any version) it comes with a tube of vulcanizing glue.  That glue is safely stored inside the hard telescoping case that holds the kit.

What if you want to carry a spare tube of glue?  It won’t fit in the repair kit case (things are nested pretty tightly).

How do you keep that extra tube of glue from being damaged as it knocks around your saddlebag?  Put it in another hard telescoping case, just big enough for the tube of glue and 4 extra tubeless strings.  The hard case protects the tube until you need it.

Dimensions .9″ inside diameter, telescopes from 3″ – 5″.

We’ve been using this system for over 5 years with 100% success.  Today dawned on us that we should offer that small case to our customers.