Dyna Beads®

This kit contains 4-ounces of Dyna Beads, pre-loaded in BestRest’s exclusive Dyna Hose.  There’s enough beads in the hose to balance at least 2 tires.

The hose is marked at 1-ounce intervals so it’s easy to tell how much you’ve put in the tire.

Typically most bikes require 1 ounce of beads in the front tire, 2 ounces in the rear tire.  Your bike may require more, or less.  Check the chart on our main Dyna Bead page for the proper amount.

We’re often asked if it’s a problem to have “too many” beads in a tire. Yes, too much of a good thing can result in vibration. Follow the chart for best results, but from our experience a SMALL amount of extra beads won’t hurt anything.

As with most things in life, use common sense and don’t dump a bunch o’beads in the tire without first consulting the recommendation chart.

It’s more likely that you might not have ENOUGH beads in the tire.  Too few and the tire won’t self-balance because there’s not enough beads to counteract the tire imbalance.  Too many beads and the tire can vibrate.  Read the chart.  Email us if you need clarification.

One quick and easy way to install Dyna Beads is to use an air hose with a nozzle.  Attach the Dyna Hose to the valve stem, put the air nozzle on the other end of the Dyna Hose, and give it a short blast of air. The beads will move thru the valve stem and into the tire. Control the amount of beads with the air nozzle.  Using this method takes only a few seconds.  This method doesn’t work with every style of valve stem (tubes and rubber valve stems seem to have a smaller air passage), but when it does it’s a real time saver.