Tire changes and tire repairs… those words strike fear into the hearts of many riders, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

It’s not alchemy or black magic or some mysterious skill reserved only for professionals.  And it’s certainly not rocket science.  Even WE can do it and if WE can do it, YOU can too. 

Here’s what one Customer wroteI can tell you this for sure, If I were a product evaluator, I’d give your Tire DVD and your BeadBrakR kit FIVE STARS. I have changed four tires with it so far (all in the comfort of my garage, thank goodness) and it gets easier  each time.” – L.Henderson

Tire changes and repairs are actually pretty easy once you understand the basics and learn a few simple tricks. This DVD shows you easy step-by-step tire changing and tire repair procedures.  After you’ve seen it done once, you’ll understand how easy it really is.  With knowledge comes power – the power to do it yourself.





In about an hour you can change both tires in the comfort of your own garage, using a few simple tire tools available from BestRest.  Compared to the price you’ll pay at a tire shop, you can order a set of tires online and you’ll save enough money to pay for those BestRest tools.  You’ll have the satisfaction of doing the job yourself and you’ll be ready for any tire emergency when you’re on the road or trail. 

DVD topics include:

  • Using the CyclePump tire inflator
  • BMW CANbus power constraints
  • Using the EZAir tire gauge
  • CyclePump and EZAir troubleshooting tips
  • Using the TireIron BeadBrakR to break the bead
  • Using tire irons to remove and install the tire
  • Proper placement of tire lube (knowing where to lube is a BIG deal)
  • Using the DonorHose to “set” a bead on a tubeless tire 
  • Using the BeadSetR to “set” the bead on a tubeless tire
  • Seating the bead on a tubeless tire
  • Changing tubed and tubeless tires
  • Tire repair for tubeless tires using plugs and strings
  • Tire repair for tubed tires using patches 
  • CO2 inflation – the true costs will surprise you


Run time is approximately 2:45.   Some of the time is spent showing you how to use our BestRest gear, but the rest is spend de-mounting and remounting the tire on the rim, making tire and tube repairs, and discussing tire issues.  We cover the basics and provide you with enough information that you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to do it yourself.  That’s priceless. 

The DVD is filmed in our shop, where we could control sound, lighting, etc.  It’s not a field video where we dig around in the dirt, looking for lost tools.  Nor is it a treatise on how to remove the wheel assembly from your model of bike.  Look elsewhere for that.

DVD is in NTSC format, all regions.  That means it will play in any country, as long as your DVD player is a NTSC type.  It will also play on your computer.