BestHex Wrench Kit for the BMW F800GS (17mm and 24 mm)

We’ve all complained about the sucky tool kit that comes with the F800GS – all you get these days is a screwdriver and a torx wrench. You can’t perform the simplest tasks, you can’t even remove the wheels to make roadside repairs or change rubber. Like everyone else we went on a quest to collect the tools we’d need on the trail. We started with a Proxxon 23080 36-piece ratchet set, and supplemented that kit with a few box wrenches, torx sockets and other bits and pieces. We now have a kit (for our own use) that gets the job done.

But we still needed some large 17mm and  24 mm wrenches to remove the wheels. We considered carrying a single big crescent wrench that would fit everything, or should we carry a 1/2″ drive ratchet and the appropriate sockets? We needed a socket set that fit the various hex bolts, and we needed leverage to turn the socket.

Then it occured to us that we didn’t need a long handle – we already had 3 of those in our Tire Iron BeadBrakR kit. What if we could incorporate one of those tire irons into a series of wrenches? What if we could slip the tire iron into a special fitting, and use the leverage of the tire iron to turn the socket? The F800GS BestHex kit contains a 17mm socket for the left front axle nut and a 24mm socket for the rear axle.


Slip the tire iron into the slots of the hex tool and you’ll have all the leverage you need to loosen or tighten those axle nuts and bolts.  Hex ingot shown in these photos is no longer provided as part of the kit.

A BestHex Kit fits in the palm of your hand. Nested dimensions are less than 1.25 x 2 x 2″. 

The BestHex Kit only fits tire irons sold by BestRest Products, the same ones found in the BestRest TireIron BeadBrakR. It also fits Aerostich’s titanium Tar Arns.

Tire irons sold separately.