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BestRest BeadSpreader (™) WITH 1 TIRE IRON

This kit contains one (1) BeadSpreader AND one (1) BeadBrakR Tire Iron.   (other brands of tire irons won’t work because they lack the hole which is part of our patented system).
This YouTube video explains the process and shows you how to use it: BestRest BeadSpreader
If you already a BestRest BeadBrakR® then you already have the irons.  You should order the BeadSpreader (only).  
Depending on the size of your tires and rims, you may be OK with 1 BeadSpreader bracket.  Watch our YouTube video and you’ll see what we mean. Generally speaking, small trail bike tires require only 1 BeadSpreader. Larger bikes require 2 of them.
The BeadSpreader bracket and tire iron weigh only 6.4 ounces.  The bracket measures 1″x3″, the iron is 8.5″ long.
BeadSpreader with tire iron are sold PER EACH, meaning you get ONE (1) bracket and ONE (1) tire iron per order.  If you want TWO of them enter the quantity TWO (2)