Guglatech fuel filters aren’t just for motorcycles, they’re for quads and ATV’s also.  With a Guglatech fuel tank filter you can be assured that your quad is getting pure, clean fuel.  No pine needles, no bugs, no dirt, no water.

We have a couple quads; a Honda 350 FourTrax Rancher and a Honda 500 FourTrax Foreman. BOTH have a fuel tank opening nozzle that measures 2″ inside diameter (*).

That’s a perfect for for a Guglatech M13006 filter!  Order that filter HERE

Installation was quick and easy… we removed the gas cap, inserted the filter, spread it out with the Installation Tool, then screwed the gas cap back in place.  

(*) The flange on the M13006 fits on the top of the gas tank, acts as a sealing ring with the gas cap.  You MAY need to remove the white insert tube in the neck of the filler nozzle. That insert acts as an anti-splash tube, but with the Guglatech filter in its place the tube is not needed.

We haven’t had time to measure all the quads and ATV’s on the market, but if you take a dimension and call us we can match you up with the proper filter.