The DonorHose is an air hose designed to transfer or “donate” air pressure from an inflated tire to a flat or low tire. Using the DonorHose you can transfer enough air from one tire to another so that you can limp back to civilization.  It’s always better to ride to the nearest service station on two half-inflated tires than to push it home on one fully inflated tire, or to call a service truck.

The DonorHose is also useful for seating beads on tubeless tires. The rapid transfer of air from a fully charged tire will seat the bead on the tubeless tire (assuming you’ve properly lubed the tire and rim).  If you have a CyclePump you can repeatedly overfill the donor tire and this gives you several chances to achieve a properly seated tire bead.  Once the bead is seated, use the CyclePump to fully inflate the tire.

To watch a video showing the DonorHose in use click HERE

 The DonorHose is 5 ft. long air hose with air chucks on both ends. The hose has a braided exterior for strength and durability. The braid may have minor manufacturing defects (occasional errant threads) but this is only a cosmetic blemish and does not affect performance or function.  A vinyl storage pouch is included.

One customer sent us a photo of a tire from his ATV.  He used his pickup truck tire as the donor air supply, and used the DonorHose to inflate and seat the bead on the dune buggy tire.  He used BeadGoop so the tire would easily slip into place on the rim.  Without proper lube the bead-seating process is very difficult.

Here’s a tip we learned the hard way – if you’re miles from town and you need a siphon hose to transfer gas, you can cut off the air chucks and the DonorHose will serve as an emergency fuel transfer system.   (It sure beats walking 12 miles to the next fuel stop.  Been there, done that.) 

Effective October 2013, the brass air chucks shown in photos above have been replaced with a flip-lever locking air chuck (photo below).  These chucks do the same job as the brass air chucks, it’s just a different style of fitting, and we found it easier to use for this particular application.  Instruction PDF file is also available by clicking the link.

DonorHose Instructions 10-27-15 flip lever air chucks