Every TireIron BeadBrakR comes with a trio of 8.5″ long steel tire irons.  Longer irons aren’t necessary.

These incredibly efficient irons have two things going for them that you won’t find on other tire irons – holes!

The irons are specially machined so that they’re compatible with our patented TireIron BeadBrakR.

We’ve had so many requests for these tire irons that we started selling them as a separate item, apart from the TireIron BeadBrakR.

Sold individually (1-each). So if you need two or three, place 2 or 3 in the quantity window below.

If you plan to use these tire irons with the TireIron BeadBrakR, you’ll need at least 3 of the irons.  A 4th iron is handy but not necessary.
These BestRest tire irons are sold individually (each). They work with our patented Tire iron BeadBrakR.