The BeadSetR is a tubeless tire mounting system.  It SETS the tire sidewalls against the rim and establishes an initial airtight seal.  Once you have the airtight seal you can begin to build air pressure in the tire.  Without that initial seal between the rubber and the rim the tire will never expand, inflate, or seat properly against the rim. No seal, no ride. 

Here’s a YouTube video showing the BeadSetR in action:  BeadSetR

At first glance the BeadSetR may look like a regular ratchet strap…. but it’s not.   Instead, it’s a 1″ ratcheting strap WITHIN a 2″ outer strap.  This eliminates friction between the rubber tread and the tensioning strap.  A plastic slider eliminates friction between the ratchet and the tread.  The result is an easy, uniform expansion of the tire sidewalls, without collapsing the tread.

To get an airtight seal you must spread the tire sidewalls outwards so they make contact with the metal rim.  Just how do you do that?

High pressure air from a shop compressor will blast the sidewalls outward.  It’s a great trick if you happen to be in your shop, but what if you’re in the field?  What then?

CO2 cartridges might work, or constricting the tire with a rope or a strap might work.  Both systems have a high probability of failure and other problems.

We designed the BeadSetR to work in the field, away from any outside assistance, without a compressor, without high pressure air, without CO2.  We designed it to work on stubborn tires that won’t seat against the rim. Plainly stated, we designed it to work.  Period.  And it does exactly what we claim it will do – spread the sidewalls and make the initial airtight seal between the sidewall and the rim.  Everytime.  Everywhere.

The BeadSetR uses a specially designed ratchet strap, a pair of special hollow nylon webbings, and a plastic slider. These eliminate friction between the constricting strap and the rubber tread on the tire.  The tread of the tire is evenly compressed, and the sidewalls are evenly expanded until they make an airtight seal against the rim.  Once that happens you can inflate the tire.  Until that happens, you can’t.

This next photo shows a tire being constricted, and the sidewalls being spread.  We did not include the rim in these photos because we wanted you to see the inside of the tire and how it spread outward.

At left, the tire is only 2.5″ wide.  This is how it would naturally sit inside the rim. Because the sidewalls are not in contact with the rim the tire cannot be inflated. At right we’ve used the BeadSetR to expand the sidewalls to more than 4.5″ wide.  The sidewalls were still concentric and the tread had not collapsed like it would when using a rope or regular strap.  The wider the spread, the better your chances of starting the initial airtight seal.


The BeadSetR was originally designed for use on tubeless tires, but its also compatible with tubed tires.

The BeadSetR comes with these items:

A black metal ratchet mechanism that easily tightens the straps
A 1″ wide x 15-foot long nylon strap that wraps around the tire
Two 2″ x 3-foot long hollow outer straps that contain the 1″ strap
A plastic insert to fit between the ratchet and the tread
A velcro retention strap to hold the ratchet in place while setting things up
Full instructions for use of the BeadSetR
Additional instructions about tire changing and other tire mounting tips
A naugahyde storage pouch – everything fits in this 2″x5″x5″ pouch