The Washington State BMW Riders hosted a class at their 2019 Rally, called “Stop The Bleed”.  It’s a nationwide, certified program that teaches riders how to handle traumatic blood loss injuries.  Let’s face it – the chances of being involved in a traumatic blood-loss injury are higher for a motorcycle than they are when you’re in a cage, and those injuries can involve wounds that can be fatal if left untreated.  That class taught students how to evaluate injuries and how to act quickly so they could save a life.  BUT in order for them to act, they needed to have these supplies:

1. Sterile gauze (pack the wound)
2. Quik Klot (causes blood to clot)
3. Adhesive dressing (to wrap the wound and hold dressings)
4. CAT tourniquet (to stop arterial bleeding when pressure or dressings won’t work)
5. Mini-sharpie (to mark the time the tourniquet was applied)
6. Pair of latex gloves (for obvious reasons)
7. Laminated instructions (to remind the student of the steps to follow)

The Club assembled Stop The Bleed kits and sold them to the students.  BestRest bought the remaining inventory and we’re offering these kits to you at our cost.  (OR, you could buy a commercial kit elsewhere and pay about $80). 

Each kit contains one of the items listed above.  The individual components are waterproof so they’ll last for years.  This kit is compact and lightweight, and contains the basics that allow you to treat a life-threatening blood-loss event. It’s small enough to fit in your hand, in your tankbag, backpack, or panniers.  It’s something you’ll want to carry every time you ride.  We put one on every bike, and we carry one in every car.

Weight 9.3 oz.
Size 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 8.5″ (expands to 14″ if needed)

Packaging change March ’20:  Based on feedback we made changes.  Instead of a vacuum-sealed pouch, we put the kit into a hard expandable square tube.  This allows you to inspect the components and add other first aid items as you see fit.  The tube will expand to 14″ overall length.


To learn more about the nationwide “Stop The Bleed” program, click here:

You can sign up for a “Stop The Bleed” class in your own community.  Take the training – it’s only about 30 minutes long.  The time you spend may save someone’s life.

Disclaimer:  Neither BestRest Products or the Washington State BMW Riders assumes any liability for the use of this kit, nor do we represent that this kit contains all the supplies you might need for an emergency blood loss event.  Sign up for a Stop The Bleed training class near you!