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Cycle Wipes Cleaner

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The multi-purpose, non-woven, wet wipe fabric is designed for motorcycle riders who want gentle cleaning and removal of bug guts and road grime from motorcycle helmets, visors, face shields, and windshields.  Cycle Wipes are also great for cleaning bug-blasted headlights and turn signals. Each Cycle Wipes pouch contains 12 individual wipes. You’ll get ONE (1) pouch with this order.



Why use Cycle Wipes?  

  • They easily fit in a tankbag or jacket pocket
  • Soft and pliable package, no hard edges, so they’re safe to carry
  • Compact size: 1/2″ x 3″ x 5″, weighs only 1.3 ounces
  • Unfolded wipes measure 4″ x 8″ – big enough to do the job
  • No more dirty, wet, or stinky rags
  • No more leaky liquids to carry
  • No more bulky bottles, sprays, or unnecessary packaging
  • and…..No more dirty visors, windscreens, or other lenses
  • Pre-moistened – No water in sight? no problem
  • Easily stored in a coat, pocket, or tank bag
  • Convenient – Grab a wipe and use it anytime, anywhere
  • Gentle, safe, and durable – Bugs dont stand a chance
  • Handy –  Packed in a 12 count resealable pouch (3 pouches/order)
  • Multi-purpose – A clean, dry wipe makes a great buffing cloth

You’ll find Cycle Wipes useful for quick clean-ups of your lights, turn signals, and anywhere else that gets blasted by bugs!  

Here’s a helpful tip from an airline pilot:
When cleaning plastic always wipe up-and-down, not side-to-side.  Why’s that?  Micro scratches can (and will) happen over time, no matter how carefully you clean the lens.  Vertical scratches are easy for the eye to “ignore”, and for the most part they’re pretty much invisible.  But horizontal scratches are “tracked” by the eye and quickly become a major distraction, affecting vision and safety.

And another cleaning tip:
Use extra care when cleaning “pin-lock” visor inserts or those tinted strips that you stick to the inside of the visor. Those inserts/strips are buttery soft and can easily scratch, no matter how careful you are. Soak that plastic to soften bug bits before you clean.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 3 x .5 in