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FROG SPIT Anti-Fog (6)

FROG SPIT Anti-Fog (6)


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Frog Spit Anti-Fog – from Cycle Wipes

Forget about fogged face shields or goggles!  Forget about expensive “anti-fog” face shield liners!

Fog Spit is a premium anti-fog product originally developed for scuba diving applications. If you’re a diver, you’ve heard of Frog Spit.  A single drop keeps diving masks clear of fog and condensation. 

Watch our Frog Spit YouTube video by CLICKING HERE

Cycle Wipes partnered with Frog Spit to bring this product to the motorcycle community. They put it in a handy pouch that fits in our tank bag or jacket pocket.  Yes, they Spit in a pouch just for us!

Tear open the pouch and you’ll find a 4″ x 6″ towelette treated with 1.5ml of Frog Spit solution.  Wipe the inside of your shield or goggles, wait a few minutes for it to dry, then ride away with crystal clear vision. A thin layer is all that’s required to provide long lasting anti-fog protection. The towelette applies the perfect amount of Frog Spit every time, no buffing or rinsing required.

For extra anti-fog protection you can also wipe the outside of the shield or goggles.  That extra layer of Frog Spit will cause rain drops to slide right off.

When you’re done treating your shield, put the towelette back in the pouch and save if for future use.  From out experience we found one application kept the shield clear for 3-4 rides before it needed re-treatment. YMMV.

Frog Spit’s earth friendly formula is safe to use on all types of masks, goggles, and lenses.  The formula is biodegradable and it has a pleasant tropical fragrance.  It works equally well in warm and cold climates.

*We recommend cleaning the face shield with a Cycle Wipe cleaning wipe before using the Anti-fog wipe.*

This order will contain SIX (6) Cycle Wipes Anti-Fog pouches. That’s enough for an entire season of fog-free riding.

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