Sorry but the MotoSiphon is unavailable at this time… no idea if/when they might be back in stock.

Read the upper page for specs and general description. Watch this video to see how to use it.  It’s surprisingly quick and easy.
Before using the MotoSiphon make sure you’re safely away from all possible sources of ignition, i.e. no open flames, no smoking, no red-hot exhausts, etc.  
1.  Remove the kit from the storage pouch
2.  Straighten the end of MS hose near the red fitting
3.  Fit tubing clamp on other end of hose and slide up about 12″
4.  Unfold fuel bladder, put end of tube into bladder and place it on the ground
5.  Place red tip of MS into the full gas tank so it’s down into the fuel
6.  Vigorously jiggle the MS up and down until a siphon is created (10-12 times)
7.  Allow fuel to flow into the fuel bladder until 2/3 full
8.  Squeeze and lock the hose clamp to shut off fuel flow
9.  Support the bottom of the fuel bag with one hand and pour fuel into empty tank
10. Repeat as needed until you’ve transferred enough fuel
When you’re done transferring fuel:
1. Drain the hose and spin it several times to empty the hose
2. Curl the MS and place it in the storage pouch
3. Drain the fuel bladder, fold, and place it in the pouch
Some fuel vapor will remain for a few hours so keep the MotoSiphon away from sources of ignition and let the kit air out naturally.  Store kit outside saddlebag until it doesn’t smell like fuel anymore.  
One of our customers mentioned that he uses the MotoSiphon to transfer fuel from his bike’s gas tank to his camp stove.  Great idea, sure beats other methods.