Helmet Sunblocker

Helmet Sunblocker

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This is the “Original” Helmet Sunblocker
“Permanent, yet transferable, sun protection for helmets.”

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Which style of helmet faceshield will you need today?  A clear one or a tinted one?  

  • Will you be riding in bright sunlight?  Then you need a TINTED visor.
  • Will you be riding on an overcast day, or after dark?  Then you need a CLEAR visor.

What if you could get ALL the benefits of a tinted faceshield AND still be able to see in low-light conditions?  The Helmet Sunblocker turns your clear shield into a partially-tinted shield, and allows you to shade your eyes from the direct sun, while still maintaining your field of vision, even after dark.  

For over 2 decades we’ve personally used the Sunblocker and it works, plain and simple.  It cuts the glare and reduces eye strain. After dark it doesn’t interfere with our night vision.

The Helmet Sunblocker is a plasticized, polymer film which installs on the INSIDE of your visor, quickly and easily, by using dish soap and water. It remains in place as long as you want it to be there, and it can be transferred to other helmets in a few minutes.

This transparent polymer film lets in light, but not the glare. It installs above your line of sight, keeping your eyes in the shade, ALL the time. It doesn’t interfere with night vision or riding through tunnels. 

Watch a video showing installation of the Helmet Sunblocker:  Click HERE

The Helmet Sunblocker casts a shadow over your eyes and face, keeping your face in the shade. It keeps your helmet much cooler on hot days! No more riding with one hand blocking the sun’s glare. No more squinting. No more sunglasses. No more sunburned faces. You’ll appreciate the Helmet Sunblocker every time you put on your helmet.

Two versions available, Universal (at left), and Arai (at right).  The Arai version has small cut-outs for vents.  

Select which model fits your helmet on the drop-down menu.

Installation is quick and easy:

Fill a bowl with warm water
Add liquid dish soap so the solution is slippery
Remove the Helmet Sunblocker from the package, dip and soak in solution for a minute
With the visor CLOSED, slip the Sunblocker into place on the INSIDE of the face shield
Squeeze out bubbles with your fingers
Blot dry with another clean cloth, then let it air-dry for an hour
If you want to remove the Sunblocker, lift a corner with a fingernail and peel slowly

Benefits of the Helmet Sunblocker:

  • Works on all helmets with a face shield
  • Installs easily on the INSIDE of faceshield, ABOVE your “line of sight”
  • Lets in light, but not the glare
  • No need to change faceshields for night riding
  • Cooler helmet on hot days
  • 100% UV protection
  • Transferable from helmet to helmet
  • ​Works with flush-mount Pinlock systems (if using with a Pinlock insert, install the Sunblocker first, let dry overnight, then install the Pinlock over the Sunblocker)​
  • Ride with your eyes in the shade, ALL the time
  • Proudly made in the USA!

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