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Brake Pedal Saver


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Brake Lever Cable Saver – Also works for Shift Lever

Ever had a tree branch wedge between your rear brake lever and the frame, locking up the rear wheel?  Ever had your shift lever broken off by a clump of sagebrush?  We have.  

We learned this dirt bike trick several years ago – run a cable or a chain between the frame of the bike and the shift lever (also the brake lever).  That cable prevents sticks, stones, and other debris from jamming in the gap between levers and the frame, causing the levers to bend or break.

The Cable Saver loops around the frame tube on one end, and attaches to the brake pedal or shifter on the other end.  Length is adjustable.  The cable is held in place with a trio of allen screws in an alloy clamp.  The cable has a protective nylon sleeve.

KTM levers have a small hole in the brake pedal for just this purpose.  For BMW and other bikes you may need to drill a small 1/16″ hole on the end of the lever so one end of the cable can pass thru.

When installing, make sure you leave enough free play in cable so the brake lever or clutch lever still have their full range of movement.  If you make the cable too tight you won’t be able to shift or use the rear brake. 

Although these photos show the Brake Lever Cable Saver in 3 colors, we simplified life by offering this product in BLACK, only.

Inventory Note January 4, 2018

Sorry these are out of stock and there is no timeline for restock currently.

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