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Micro-Start Harness

//Micro-Start Harness

Micro-Start Harness


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The Micro-Start Harness provides a simple method of connecting a Micro-Start XP-1, XP-3, Sport, and XP-5 to your motorcycle WITHOUT the need for the jumper cables that come in the kit.

Simply connect the ring terminals to your bike’s battery terminals and let the end of this 12″ harness hang down at a location where you can easily reach it.  No need to remove the seat or remove body panels or other gear just so you can attach the alligators of the jumper cord. 
When you need to use your Micro-Start simply plug in the polarized harness and the unit is ready to jump-start your bike.
This harness also comes with a handy removable SAE adaptor so you can charge your battery using a Battery Tender or other 12V charger.  

NOTE 1:  there is a diode in the harness to prevent “back-flow” of voltage from the battery to the Micro-Start, which means you CANNOT use this harness to power a CyclePump or other 12V accessory, once you connect the rings on the harness to the battery terminals.

NOTE 2:  you CAN use this harness to power your CyclePump as long as you don’t connect the rings to the battery…  connect the harness to the MicroStart, then connect the alligator clips from the CyclePump to the rings of the harness.  This is a temporary connection only.  Use care to keep the rings from making contact with each other as you power the CyclePump.  

The positive (+) leg of this harness is fused and shielded so you don’t have to worry about shorting the connector against your frame.  To keep out dust and water, we recommend putting a piece of electrical tape over the end of the connector.
The small black adaptor in the bottom photo is used for charging the motorcycle battery using a Battery Tender or similar charger.  Plug that black adaptor into the blue connector of the harness, and you now have a 2-prong SAE battery charger pigtail.

NOTE 3 – this harness fits the following MicroStart models:  Sport, XP-1, XP-3, XP-5.
If you need a harness for an XP-10 it’s different.  We can special order one for you, call us.

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