Metal Mule R1200GS Pannier Set Bal TI Exhaust

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Metal Mule R1200GS Pannier Set Bal TI Exhaust


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Metal Mule


R1200GS pannier system, BALANCED, 38/38L, Powder Coat finish. This is a complete luggage system for the R1200GS and includes:

1 – pair BALANCED mounting frames and hardware 
1 – 38L left pannier
1 – 38L right pannier
1 – Titanium exhaust canister

BALANCED frames require replacement of the stock BMW exhaust system, with a Metal Mule can. The frames are silver power coated tubular steel. The left pannier is the same size as the right pannier. With this setup, the overall width of the panniers is 933mm. The panniers have a storm gray Powder Coat finish.

Pannier features include:

Urethane lid sealing system
Quick release mounts
Rubber feet
Side and top cargo handles
Tie down hooks on tops of panniers


Metal Mule bags are handcrafted from 2mm aluminum. The corners have smooth beveled designs, the body panels are precision crafted, riveted together, and sealed against water and dust. The interior is free of obstructions – there’s no lumps, bumps, knobs or nuts to snag your gear or wear a hole in your cargo.


The powder coat finish means your gear won’t turn black like it does when carried in other pannier systems. It also means you don’t have to use bag liners, unless you want.


Metal Mule has a patented Quick Attach system. The release levers are on the outside of the bag, just below the lock. When the lid closes, the latches are hidden and theft proof. The levers pivot smoothly on stainless steel rivets. The panniers engage the luggage frame on tactile, purpose designed bonded polyurethane coated extrusions. Easy on, easy off.


The lipped lid now incorporates a space-age silicone seal. Developed for the Formula One and Aerospace industries, it remains an active water and dust seal in temperatures between -65 & +220 degrees C.


Metal Mules are designed and hand-built in the United Kingdom.


Yes, Metal Mule costs more than other pannier systems, but as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for.” How very true.

Fitment note:  In 2010 BMW changed their motor and exhaust system to a twin cam – 4 valve per cylinder head.  This engine requires a slightly different Metal Mule exhaust canister.  If you’re ordering a pannier system for a 2010 model year R12GS, you must specify if your bike is the “New twin cam 4 valve style”.   Please specify your bike’s engine style in the Order Notes on the ordering page.   If you don’t specify, we’ll ship an exhaust designed to fit the earlier engine model.  Swapping exhausts after the order has shipped will result in added shipping costs. 

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 40 in


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